Monday, December 31, 2007

Final day of Christmas Camp and 07!

Say goodbye to 2007 and ring in 2008! Today was the end of Christmas Camp and we celebrated by putzing around Forest Park for a little over 7 miles. We talked about 08 and reminisced about 07 and the all the years before that. During our final Christmas Camp journey in which all of us felt surprising good after yesterdays "Race the Wildwood" adventure we saw a few Purge and Splurgers come by. As we putzed along we laughed at how sloppy the trail was and patted ourselves on the back for navigating it with ease yesterday. I didn't remember it being so sloppy but when your focused you miss those little details. :). Push ups, sit ups and planks are all done and I have to say this has by far been the easiest year for those. The runs this year seemed harder than past Christmas Camps but I not sure if that's because of the 50K the weekend prior or that the workouts were in fact more difficult. Even though they seemed more difficult they were definitely much faster.

Well on to another year! I wish you all a wonderful night and be sure to think about all the great times 07 brought, hug your family and share moments with friends....that is what I intend to do tonight. 07 has been a banner year for me in so many ways, runs, growth, understanding, clarity and a sense of groundedness that is indescribable. I just know 08 will bring more of the same and I have Bill, Alex and my wonderfully honest and giving friends to thank for all the joy I get to have everyday......cheers to all of you!

I sure hope I can squeeze my calf's in my boots tonight....if not I might be wearing slippers with my dress. ;).


  1. Christmas Camp looked like such a blast! Thanks for sharing it with us. Have a great New Year!

  2. Very different from my "x-mas camp"...I mean week, indeed. Go, girly, kick butt!