Thursday, December 20, 2007

A year in review!

I was tagged by Carilyn so here it goes.

1. Most memorable moment: Definitely crossing the finish line at Wasatch completing the Grand Slam. For 2007 that was just a cool time that will last in my mind forever!

2. Best new trail discovered: Hands down the Timpenogas trail in Utah. It has the most awesome wildflowers and travels to the top of Mt. Timpenogas. Simply a lovely trail through some beautiful country.

3. My best performance of the year: I would have to say Vermont 100M because I really putzed around and felt like I was holding myself back all day but finished in 21:36. The next day it was as if I barely had stressed myself. Who knows why this happened but it was really sweet.

4. Don't know how I previously lived without: Ziploc steam and serves!!!! Nice invention for a vegetable junkie! Even though I am not a vegetable junkie I need to eat them and these bags can steam tons of veggies at one time.

5. The person I would most like to meet on the trail: I would have to go with Olga on this one. Ann Trason. She is just such an awesome athlete it would be a pleasure to get the chance to talk to her.

6. The race I am most nervous/scared for in 08: Tetons 100M because Tom has challenged me to lap him and like I said before I am total sucker for challenges. It will probably be the fasted race I ever run because I really want to make him work. :)

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  1. Hey, please don't lap me at Teton!, but if I volunteer instead of running, I'll make sure to hold Tom back:)