Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Camp Day 4!

The threat of snow remains but we couldn't resist a run on the Wildwood despite the hazardous driving conditions. Heading to 53rd Ave. was just fine until we got in the high hills then the roads were sketching leaving this group weary of staying out to long. The snow went from rain to sleet and then back to snow while we did our 5.5 mile recovery run today. Ultra and Zoe have made peace and determined which grey beast is in charge putting aside their earlier spats and playing like best friends on the trail. Emma just hung back and watched as the two taunted and dared one another to be first to the next hill. Zoe definitely has the making of good acrobat dog as she scales the walls of the trail and disappears in the thick ferns. Ultra being one year older seems to be more mature and just waits for Zoe to reappear onto the trail so they can race again.

I tried to show Tom my strategy for lapping him at Tetons....a one two punch and he looked threatened. As he continues to tell me there is no way it's possible for me to lap him in Late August it seems to just motivate me more. I know it can be done but it won't be easy, in fact it might be one of my hardest race goals ever. Kris has jumped on the Tetons band wagon and it opting for the 50M race which will be her first 50 mile event! It's going to be another Ultra Family Vacation with Tom, Steve, Micheal, Kris and myself. That's just who we know for sure is running but there could be others like Stacey, Darin, Bushwhacker......who knows but it will be a blast.

I haven't done my push ups or abs yet but the day is young!

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  1. Tetons here we come!!! Too bad the dogs can't join us in Wyoming. :] K