Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Camp!

Stacey and I have had the pleasure of putting on a non-event event called Christmas Camp. This all started when Stacey's company gave her the week of Christmas off which was the perfect time to crank up the workouts and because we had (and I emphasize HAD) a problem racking up the pounds between October through January. We needed the extra PUSH to get our plump selves moving so we created Christmas Camp. The few extra pounds were no big deal for many years, they would just come off when we started back up with our training but after about the age 38 they got more stubborn or we just ate more. :) As it stands today Christmas Camp has grown and more folks have jumped on board. Saying goodbye to end of a wonderful year and ringing in a new one has always been part of Christmas Camp because of all the group runs and camaraderie as we hash out all the fun we had and egg each other on for new adventures and challenges.

This year will be the 5th Annual Christmas Camp and below is the email that went out to potential Campers. This year we will have 16 Campers challenge themselves and share a week of cheer with not only their families but friends too.

Maybe there a few of you that want to join in a challenge of your own.

It’s that time of year again to say goodbye to another great season and ring in another year. This will be the 5th annual Christmas Camp, Welcome!!!!

Of course Christmas Camp is not just about running but more like an overall body and mind makeover….necessary for all the great food we consume during this time of year.

For the 5th Annual Christmas Camp we have the running plan, sit ups, push ups and the rules of engagement. This is meant to be a challenge where like minds come together run and celebrate. It’s not meant to be easy or an “in the bag” event but more like a nice gentle nudge to spark the flame for the New Year. Because the Purge and Splurge falls on a Monday campers will get the luxury of not just 7 days of running but 8, yippppeeeeeee.

Let’s start with the rules of engagement! To be a camper and receive the lovely bag of camper goodies you need to:

1. Do all the workouts to the best of your ability and were talking running ability not mental ability. :) That means NO SKIPPED WORKOUTS. You can juggle the workouts and do more but the plan needs to be done! You don’t have to do the group runs they are just designated so everyone can come together if they want.
2. All Campers must report via email to the whole Camper community about their results and observations. This rule is designed to keep Campers motivated, create group run events and oh yeah to police your work.
3. New this year!! All Campers must contribute one item to the camper goodie bag. This can be a gel, a magnet, a written note, hand warmers, candy, whatever big or small. Why???? Because everyone brings their own personality to group and most want to contribute.
4. You only get one day off so choose wisely………… :)

That’s all the rules…..see not too many!

On your mark, get set……here’s the schedule:

Monday Dec. 24th – 5-7 miles easy pace – Group Run time and place will be designated later.
Tuesday Dec. 25th (yes Christmas Day) – 5-7 miles easy pace
Wednesday Dec. 26th – Track Day!!!!! Warm up for 30 minutes then do 7-10 400 meters at your desired pace but make it work baby…….Group Run- Time will be designated later.
Thursday Dec. 27th – OFF or swap for Monday or Tuesday.
Friday December 28th – Tempo Run!!!!! Warm up for 30 minutes the do 2-3 miles at your Marathon Pace then do 3-4 miles very hard then finish with another 5 miles at Marathon Pace. Ouch…….this is a whopper!!!! Group Run on Lief – Time TBD.
Saturday December 29th – 5-7 miles easy – Group run on WW, Time TBD
Sunday December 30th - Optional: Race the Wildwood!!!! How fast can you run the 30 miles on Wildwood???? We will be out doing our version of the P&G on this day but it’s an all out effort, heads down, running trail like a cheetah! 7:00 am start at Newberry. OR 7-9 miles easy.
Monday – December 31st – P&G….full length of Wildwood. 7:00 am start at Newberry! Or if you ran on the 30th then it’s 7-9 miles easy.

So Campers this adds up to about to 73 miles if you take the low numbers and 83 miles if you take the high numbers. This is totally doable for anyone who receives this email. All the runs are “go at your own pace”! Now if you’re a freak like Sean and you do both the Wildwood Race and the P&G then your looking at 100 miles…..any takers???????? Remember….you can juggle the workouts but only 1 day off in 8 days and you have to do all the workouts to the best of your running ability!

Now for the other stuff:

1. 100 sit ups, crunches, v-ups, hanging knee-ins a day! Pick your poison just work those abs!
2. 30 push ups a day! Not the sissy kind, on your toes! You can do them in sets of 2 if you want just do 30 each day.
3. Plank – Hold plank on Monday for 30 seconds 2 times, Wednesday for 45 seconds 2 times and Friday 1 minute 2 times. If you don’t know what plank is let me know.

Come all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant oh come ye oh come ye to Christmas Camp!!!!!!!

Stacey and Ronda


  1. You are amazing in your ability to keep motivated. I envy that. My oldest daughter has a degree in exercise science and is certified as both a personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach. I decided to take advantage of her training and had her put a general conditioning program together for me. Everything she has me doing brings the core muscles into play. After starting the program, I didn't know whether to thank her or tell her she wasn't welcome to join us at Thanksgiving;-) I am VERY familiar now with planks and have developed a new distaste for those big stability balls. Happy Holidays from up north. KRK

  2. All I want for Christmas is my Christmas Camp, my Christmas Camp, oh, my Christmas Camp. It sounds funtastic! What a super idea. I wish gals like you lived in my neck of the woods. We run but we aren't very organized and you actually make it fun AND hard. Ho ho ho! Have a blast!!

  3. Kendra,
    You can only dream of just how fun Christmas Camp really is. I'm a proud veteran of 3 Camps, and am anxiously (nervously?) awaiting my 4th in only 8 days. That Ronda and that Stacey, they sure do know how to whoop a person's fatass into shape! But just to make you feel like part of the team, Ronda will glady volunteer to do one extra plank on each of the three days that it's on our schedule - you know, just for you.

  4. sounds awesome! make sure meissner does his "other stuff".. he's getting frail.