Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Camp Day 2!

Day 2 is complete with a run in the snow! Yes, we have a white Christmas here in Portland, OR! After a fun morning with Alex waking us up at 5 am Bill, Bandit (wearing his jingle bells) and I went to Terrwilliger Blvd. for a fun 6 mile run while the snow still fell. Alex was at home busy with his Grandparents and his new WII. BTW....we boxed on the new toy and he knocked me out in the second round. I was sweating and he hardly seemed phased. I will take him on again soon but he also beat me in tennis.

Once back home I did my push ups and sit ups. The sit ups were easy but I couldn't crank out the 30 push ups in one go after yesterday workout with the Ultimate Fighter.....what was I thinking. I had to break the push ups into 2 sets.

Bill and his elves made me this collage for Christmas. He is so sneaky. I would have never guessed this is what he was creating. I LOVE IT! He captured all the wonderful moments of the SLAM including maps, topos, pace charts and bib numbers. It is going to be so fun hanging it up and remembering all the fun times.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day and we will see you tomorrow at the track! Bring on the punishment.


  1. Would you be willing to share the calorie deficit your pinchers recommend for fat loss? Thanks.

    cookied-out blog lurker

  2. Hi Danni,

    I am not sure what you mean but I can explain how I have been measured. Mark pinches (with calipers) 9 sights and comes up with numbers. He then measures (with tape measure) 9 areas for size. If the pinchers come back with lower numbers I have lost fat. If the tape measure comes show a smaller size that's good as long as it's in line with fat loss Then he weighs me. Again if that's lower accounting for fat loss only then great I have not burned up muscle. If I have lost to much weight and measures too low then I have consumed muscle....not good. I hope that helps but if you are looking for me info. send me another comment. Take Care, Ronda

  3. Sorry -- the way I asked my question made no sense. (I was referring to Mark as the pincher). I'm wondering what your goal calorie deficit is -- if you eat 2000 calories on X day, how many calories is it assumed that you have burned on X day? Do you average a calorie deficit of 500 calories per day? More? Less? That's what I am curious about. You may not know. Thanks and sorry to bug you!

  4. Hi Danni -

    No calorie deficit intended but there may be some on accident. I eat 1965 on rest days, 2645 on moderate days and 2985 on high days. None of this includes calories consumed during excersize. I did not start this to lose weight rather to teach my body to utilize fat stores (get leaner) and stop consumer muscle for fuel. I started my Grand Slam at 114 pounds and 14.8% body fat. I ended the Grand Slam at 111 and 16.8% body fat. I lost weight but gained fat because I didn't fuel my body. I felt great but having higher fat when I lost 3 pounds was not the loss I was looking for. I have lost weight on this plan but gained muscle and lost fat and the overall pounds lost are minimal. The theory is if I fuel my body for the workouts I do it will reward me by burning fat as fuel while running instead of muscle and I will recover faster. I was an expert at burning proteins and fairly efficient at it but it is still much harder to convert to fuel than fat. I may be turning the corner but I am not there yet, still have some work to do. It's hard for me to eat all those calories both mentally and physically but I am forcing myself to do it and the rewards are there. The plan is more of nutritional makeover with foods and timing of consumption than a caloric restriction.

  5. Wow. Ok. Your eating plan is way too advanced for me :) Thanks for explaining. I need to lose weight and fat both, probably even if it's at the expense of a little muscle.

    Great work with all your training -- you must have such discipline!