Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Camp - 1 more day!

It's winding down fast as usual. Stop and smell the roses because time flys when your having fun. Today was a short running day for me since Steve and I did so much yesterday. Surprisingly I feel great. A bit on fire to be honest. Today's push ups were all weighted with a ten pound plate (100 of them...gotta try to keep up with other campers) and 50 full sit ups weighted by holding the weight at my chest. I am feeling super strong. Just in time for the big final run tomorrow and since I am getting all my meals in it helps. I am doing a 50K in a loop fashion and I plan to do it for time. I am sort of making up for the Muir Beach 50K. This will be the first time I have run 100 miles in a week (except for when running a 100M race) is years. I am surprised at how well my body is adapting to the big up tick in mileage. It's been fun to push out of my comfort zone with regards to miles. GO CAMPERS!

All the campers are relentless this year. It has been a blast and full of great fun. I am going to miss it but hopefully we can come together again soon for some "fat ass" stuff. We have some ideas floating around. I know this is biggest group of campers ever and it will definitely be the biggest group of finishers ever. That just makes it exciting for everyone. As 2008 winds down I plan to spend my day tomorrow coming up with my list of the best moments of 2008 by month. I have been thinking about this a lot lately. This has been an interesting year in a lot of ways. Not all have been great but as I began to think through it I was overwhelmed by all the wonderful moments. I will share my 2008 recap soon.


  1. Nice work on the camp!!! I'm getting closer by the minute on my pull up by the way.

  2. Have a great 2009, Ronda! I can't wait to keep reading about your adventures in running!