Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cabin Fever!

I love my treadmill, I love my treadmill, I love my treadmill......I better because it looks like I might be on it awhile. It's been days since I have been outside to run. In fact, it seems like days since I have been outside my house. That is a total exaggeration because I have gotten out yesterday and today but I definitely feel caged in. Looks like most of kids in the Portland Metro area are getting an additional week of Christmas vacation and everyone is prepping for the long winter freeze the forecasters are predicting. When is it going to end??????? Let me out!!!!!!

Coach gave me some new workouts the other day. I am pretty excited about them. Lots of sweet running and pretty specific workouts which I just love. I did my first one on the treadmill yesterday and it rocked. For the next month I am going to focus on some long speed stuff. Back off from the long climbing and really drive the M-Pace and T-Pace stuff. Then in mid January I will ramp up the hills again. I am looking forward to doing some specific training in the ultra running sweet spot....Z3A and Z3B. Since I might find myself doing a lot of machine running (on a treadmill) at least I'll have a purpose and that keeps my focus in the right place, on running instead of pouting that I am not on the trails. I am having a minor attitude adjustment. Now if it keeps snowing this lovely white stuff and doesn't turn into yucky ice I will definitely venture out for a good snow run. So maybe!

As the new year approaches my 2009 race plans are unfolding. I haven't got anything set in stone but I will be putting in for Hardrock 100M again along with Anna, Micheal and Steve. Hopefully one of us will get lucky. My other 100M plan will most likely be Bighorn 100M. I am toying the Ultra Tour De Mont Blanc but am not sure I ready to take that leap yet...but...I am still looking at the application. Also thinking about CCC100M, AC100M and Javelina 100M for a late season 100. As for other shorter stuff I have a whole list. I also would like to do a couple of seriously fun training weekends. My list includes R2R2R in the Grand Canyon, another weekend at Smith Rocks and a weekend of torture on the Waldo 100K course and a training camp in Utah on the Wasatch. So many fun things, so little time and oh So for right now I am lining it all up and will post my plans soon. I am so looking forward to 09 and applying all I have learned this year about training and me to 2009.

Boot camp is continueing to challenge me big time. I think I will have trouble washing my hair tomorrow. You're not supposed to wash it everyday anyway are you???? Shaving the armpits will definatley be out of the question. Thanks Mark! We have quite a team for Boot Camp 2. I will post a picture as soon as I get one.

Christmas Camp is underway. 18 campers this year! A few new faces which will be exciting and fun for all of us. This group seems more motivated than ever which just fuels me. I will post our camp schedule soon. It's a 100M week starting on Christmas Day and ending with our traditional Purge and Splurge run on the 31st. I think this is going to be a huge challenge for me. My miles are not very high but I will make it happen. 2008 is closing in fast!


  1. I love my treadmill, I love my treadmill, I love my treadmill.

    Nice :-) cause I seriously LOVE my treadmill ...seriously, ummm took about a year to build up this bond-lol

    Good luck on ur 2009 race line up and ya I agree so many races so little time :-(

    I want to squeeze in R2R2R2 but looks like its going to happen in 2010

  2. Maybe I'll try to do 100 mile week too to be like a groupie Christmas-camper. I'm sorry you're stuck in the dreadmill but your workout plans sound fun. There's going to be a new 100 up here at the end of July if you don't get into Hardrock :-) It will be small though since the website is not up yet (but should be soon).

  3. Oh and one other thing -- I really want to do a R2R2R. Don't think I could keep up with you though!

  4. Come on Rooster, I KNOW we have more snow in Central Oregon and we're getting outside to run here. You grew up here, so there's really no excuse for you to be logging so many treadmill miles. Unless, of course, the big city has made you soft!