Friday, November 13, 2009

Do you have theme song?

I think the concept of a "theme song" came from the Allie McBeal show but I could be wrong. Well I have a theme song titled Don't Reach. I haven't come up with the full tune yet but have embedded the concept in my head after seeing pictures of myself power hiking and descending. Thanks to Tony C. who facebooked a picture of me climbing at CCC100M it was really clear I have an serious over extension issue. I don't know if comes from being short, trying to keep up with my faster friends or simply a technique issue but the over stretching on the push off portion of my power hike is not good. I wondered why my TFL and my Glute Medius get so fatigued during a long power hike. Well now I have the answer. I used to have this bad habit while running speed work as well. I wrote a blog entry about it last year. I worked hard on bringing in my legs and landing right under my hips. Instead of letting my leg travel so far behind then swinging it back into the front position drive more from the front of my body. This has been a big improvement.

Fortunately I now have a new project. The power hike don't stretch boogie. I also over extend when I run down hill but it's not as bad. During my break I got to walk at an incline on the treadmill. After talking about this to Dr. T (Drake Tollenaar) he suggested I count my steps and they should be in the 70+ range while walking at a serious incline. I was shocked at how many steps short I was. I think I was around 60. That's a lot of reaching and swinging. Not good form and certainly fatiguing to the hip region. I used my 5 week break as an opportunity to work on it and make my ultra running better which ultimately will keep my hips healthier.

I am just ending my first 4 week cycle of this training session. It's still base building phase. I am stoked at how well my body has adapted to running this year. With the large amount of quality work Scott slated I can firmly say I am faster. My VDOT has already moved up 2 points in 4 weeks. I am almost back to my peak phase VDOT. I sure hope this upside continues because I would love to break 3:23 at Surf City. According to my numbers I am already there but we all know how that goes. Running at near red line for 26 miles is just not the same as it feels for 10.

It's been a beautiful fall here in the PNW. We have been lucky to have many dry days which makes for some lovely trail runs. Tuesday's have been M-Pace work which is one of my favorite workouts. It's been especially fun this year because we have set up a standard meeting time and therefore it's been a group effort. After the M-Pace workout we head to SLEDGE for a hammered class. There are a gaggle of girls pushing around the heavy loads and it's really motivating and fun. I find myself looking forward to Tuesday's. Cheri and I are both doing Surf City so it's fun to share the hard training.

In my week I have 1 M-pace run, 1 T-pace run, 1 3A run with 100 and 200 meters sprints, 1 long run and 2 recovery runs. Every other week I have a track workout but in two weeks I move to having one every week. Guess when they are slated?? On Sunday after my long run. Sounds crazy huh but that's the plan. The long runs are causal social trail runs. No quality is included. That will change in December some time. The long trail run will be replaced with a paced long run. The last time I did those I got in great shape only to crash hard. This time I am going to avoid the crash or at least that's my intention. It's a fine line but I am getting so much better at distinguishing the two, crash vs. improvement.

All in all I can't say enough about the mental and physical break. For me has been such a great tool for motivation and strength in the physical sense. Having a purpose during the break definitely serves my "gotta have mission" personality. Since I have switched to a MAC I am so challenged it's ridiculous. Good thing I have a 13 year old who can pick up on new stuff fast. I have the worst time loading pictures into my blog. It seems to scramble the words and splits things up in strange fashion. If any of you has the trick can you let me know? I have refrained from throwing this lovely stainless thing many times I may be close to a breaking point. I might have to surrender and go back. So sad but there are just some things my brain can't brace.