Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I Surrender.....

To the virus gods, just take me I won’t fight back….I promise! That was my message to the powers that be yesterday afternoon when it became clear I would be praying to the porcelain god all night. Just when I thought it couldn’t get worse it did, I got Alex's flu!

In the morning I was getting my hair cut when I look up and was suddenly dizzy and not because my hair looked great! I thought to myself, hmmmm that’s weird but then it happened again. Oh No! Not thinking much of my dizzy mind I head home to eat and head out for a nice recovery run. I prepare my meal and sit down to eat it and the food suddenly looked terrible as my stomach growled and turned. Why me...I bow my head? Within about an hour I was lying on the couch trying to pretend this was all psychosomatic and my giant upset stomach was all in my head. Unfortunately that idea died quickly as I was racing to the bathroom. Not a pretty sight folks. As I was lying there on the bathroom floor I was thinking of the movie, “The Devil Wears Prada”. In the movie the overly obsessive assistant says, “I am just one stomach flu away from ideal weight”. I always laughed at that until yesterday! It was funny but I forgot that once you reach ideal weight via the stomach flu you have no energy or drive to enjoy the weight loss!

With Bill out of town and just me and Alex at home I began making back up plans for getting him to and from school. It’s a good thing I have great friends close because I was seriously thinking I might need someone to come get him. Fortunately the bulk of my illness subsided at about 4 a.m. and I was able to peel myself up to drive Alex to school. After another 5 hours of sleeping and my first re-introduction to fluids I am on the mend…..at below ideal weight I might add…ha, ha, ha.

I am beginning to find humor in all of this. It’s a good thing I didn’t have any big ideas about OC100K because I have no idea how it’s going to go but I will finish. Today was supposed to be a 20 mile run at sub 8 min. pace but I got a different kind of workout. :) Like I said in my last post….what was supposed to be the shortest taper is now for sure the longest and I should have mega antibodies running around inside me now.


  1. That's a darn crappy turn of the events...but yet again, and again, all you can do is say "it's just running" and look into perspective, you are one lucky girl! OK, I agree, it still sucks...but when things are out of control of even a type A person, they are out:) Heal up, drink up, gain a pound, and may be pass on thea flu to me to drop a few? (JK)

  2. Hang in there Ronda!
    At least it is this week
    and not next week.
    You'll recover and OC will
    be ok. You've trained that
    body hard! Let me know if
    you need any help.

  3. Not fun- I hope that next week your body is so happy to be feeling better and out running again that it will make for a great race. Sometimes it works out that way. You've done so much solid work that I hope you go into the experience with confidence.