Friday, February 8, 2008

First in line!

I will be first in line next Fall for the flu shot! Alex had a relapse on Tuesday in the middle of the night and I just got worse. We spent all day Wednesday on the couch with cats and dogs watching horrible daytime TV in-between naps. No food, barely any fluids for over 36 hours left both of us weak and lethargic. Thursday Alex was back at school and I was at least up and about which felt awesome. Even to be able to shower, do laundry and dream about what I could eat was a welcomed change.

Exercise is another story as I was lying on the couch in shear misery thinking I have no desire to run at all! No weight training, no running and very little movement has been the training plan for the last week. Marking “0” in my log for more days than I have in 4 years gave me something to think about. It made me remember how fortunate I have been with my training and racing for so many years. Not being sick or injured enough to keep me from running until now is pretty cool. At least that is something positive for my brain to churn on while I watched Judge Judy. BTW: Oprah says if you have a cluttered house it makes you fat. :)

Today is even better since I have been able to eat a banana with yogurt and am thinking about a sandwich! I had a tempo run on my schedule but I knew that wasn’t going to happen so I got up and headed to the trail for whatever came my way. It was just nice to be upright, outdoors and moving my body even if it was really slow. I spent 75 minutes out in the cold rain loving every minute of the slow weak slog in the mud. Tomorrow is another full day of trail work out at Hagg Lake and on Sunday I will try a 1.5 hour Z3A run. I am really looking forward to feeling strong and healthy again which I am assuming is just around the corner.


  1. Feng Shui says cluttered house makes you fat - and been a complete unclutter person, I wonder why I can loose weight then? :)
    What a drag with the sorry. Please keep thinking positive, it'll be ok, you are ready, don't back-plan anything, just go there and run!

  2. Total bummer that you are still down for the count! I think I'm right behind you, but my seems to be respiratory. I'm fighting it off as hard as I can (yes, I did enjoy the NyQuil :), but I think it's coming. Hopefully, there will be better t.v. on this weekend!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Well I have a soft spot for Judge Judy (more people need to hear it like Judge Judy lays it down, man!) but I personally wouldn't wish Oprah on anyone! >:) It seems like this was the round of bug/virus/bacteria that got everyone sick who "never gets sick" (yours truly included). I'm glad you're at least thinking about a sandwich and got a pretty good run in! So did you at least reach your ideal weight (har har).

  4. My sweetie is one of the skinniest people I know and also the worst clutterer! Sometimes I think the man forgets we have trash and recycling.

    I'm sorry you got knocked down - and hope you continue to bounce back rapidly! You had good (no - awesome!) fitness going into this - bet it's back in no time! Indeed we are lucky folks to be able to do what we do! Take good care!