Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hagg in drag!

What a day out at the Hagg Lake Trail Runs. This was the 8th annual event but Stacey and I 3rd year of RDing the event. The warmth from the sun was felt everywhere as folks stripped down to shorts, tanks and some shirtless for their trips around the lake. Of course the famous “Men in skirts” didn’t disappoint with their attire, all skirts, some short, some full and some that just shouldn’t. As the girls gawked at the men most decided the guys look better in skirts than most woman! All they need to do is shave their legs and some could be mistaken for girls with really nice legs. The course was fast this year with a blazing field of runners. We heard this was the least muddy the course has ever been and there were also reports the trail dried out more after the first loop! Hard to believe but with Stan Holman’s long lasting course record being broken by more than 3 minutes the rumors of less mud must be true. Neil Olson from Ashland ran the 50K in just over 3:43 and then headed out for ANOTHER loop…..what??????

Between the 25K and 50K event we had over 400 runners on the course and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Last year we had the worst weather ever with blowing, relentless freezing rain so this year’s sun was just what we needed. Stacey and I were prepared with lots of space blankets and tarps to help keep the aid stations sheltered but didn’t need one. This made our day so much easier. With the abundant help from all our friends all day we felt like the event went off perfectly. We had volunteers that gave their entire day to race from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and we were so grateful. Micheal and Kris were there in the early morning helping with set up and registration then they swept the course at the end. We were home by 7:00 p.m. with almost everything done and put away……yeah, on to another year.

I am looking forward to getting back in the swing of training. Starting a Build 1 week and now some of my Threshold workouts will be done on hills. I am anxious to see how those workouts go since they are always my favorite. I feel out of touch with my mountain running right now. I know it will come back fast but nothing is fast enough for my “need it now” personality. :) I am still sick so I headed to the doctor and he said I have a deep sinus infection and prescribed antibiotics. He also is sending me to a specialist for my swollen lymph nodes. He was pretty un-nerved by their size, length of time I’ve had them and location....which is most everywhere. I didn’t like anything he told me but am refusing to get myself freaked out until I get more information.


  1. Awesome day out at Hagg, Rooster! Nothing but smiles and sun all around...very nice!

  2. I would watch the type of antibiotic prescribed for your sinus infection. I was given one some time back that had side effect issues with achilles tendon injury or rupture. Unfortunately, I can't recall the class of antibiotics that was involved.

  3. Ronda, thank you, gals, what a great day! I can't believe how sunny and dry it was, and how well prepared trails are! As usual, awesome soup (veggie one), fun crowd, and I love you guys yelling at me between the loops - always!

  4. Ugh, no wonder you weren't feeling up to par at OC. I mean, you may have thought you were better but your body was like, "I think not." So, let's get those lymph nodes back down to non-alien size! Congratulations on another successful Hagg Lake - I know that's a lot of work!! Hang in there!