Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sunny Disposition!

Alex in training.....practicing crewing as he trys to help me get this pack on. It's fun times like this that help make a bad mood disappear!

The sun is out if full force here in the Portland area. A rare sight in the deep depths of winter but even though its bright and shiny out the temperatures are freezing! We hit highs in the 30's during the day but with the East winds it really isn't getting over 25 and for us that's coooooooold.

Not only is the sun shining outside but I have been lifted from my approximately 2 week mental slump....maybe it really has something to do with the lack of low lying grey clouds but nonetheless I have been freed! Free from the nasty disposition I was having to a more sunny one, yeah! One good thing about a bad mood that lasts is when your over it you appreciate, value and grab onto a good one when it shows up. My mood started to come around on Monday when I got a ton of chores done including a bunch of Hagg Lake details. Since my list of "to do's" was shrinking I suddenly felt more restful. On Tuesday I had a track workout that went so well I almost felt like I was holding back. My sore spots on my body seemed to disappear rapidly after a good leg workout post track. Wednesday I went to see Dr. Tollenaar for an adjustment because I felt like my upper body was jammed into lower one and my neck seemed out of socket. He found a few spots that were not where they should be and he told me the bump on my neck was a lymph node. He also said it could take a bit before it goes all the way down. Dr. Tollenaar and a friend have now confirmed that my pea is an angry lymph node but if it doesn't go away before March I will go get it checked out.

What a way to start a week.....good things all around. With this being a recovery week my tempo run today was only 1.5 hours with 3 miles at T-Pace. During my last call with Scott he bumped my VDOT up to 47 from 45 based on my 20.08K run time. This meant that my tempo pace would be 7:17. If my T-Pace portion goes over 40 minutes I need to add 20 seconds per mile so 7:37 but today was only 3 miles so it was 7:17's. Funny but when I started up training again after the SLAM my T-Pace was 7:47 and those numbers were challenging. I believe I wrote posts about how much leg speed I lost over the summer and leg speed is not something I have a lot of to begin with! I went into WS100 07 with VDOT 51 and T-Pace 6:51 and was able to make those paces consistently. After the ultra season I was clear back to VDOT 45 or 7:47 T-Pace. A drastic loss when I felt like I was in such good shape. Within 3 months here I am at 7:17's and today I ran 6:58, 7:11 and 7:05 with room to spare. It's so cool to know that training works. It's also fun to feel your body bounce back from a big workload. The re-bound is noticeable and that's a good sign I am not pushing myself over the edge. It also means I am fueling my body well. This is different from other training times when I would have a hard time noticing much of a rebound after the completion of a cycle. My recovery weeks were nice but I never felt fully re-charged. My perspective has changed but doesn't it always change when you have new experiences? It's like the first time you run hill repeats on climbs you would have never considered running in the past but now they are all runnable, when rollers become flats, when steep is re-defined, when 400's and 600's are easy track workouts, when big thighs are muscular thighs.........all in the perception but with new experiences come new ya gotta love it!


  1. Yay! Well, it was also sort of reassuring to know even you have slumps and bad moods. :) But I'm glad you're a-feelin' better. Are you still doing the same type of eating plan and how is that going?

  2. Hey Kendra! Yes I have bad moods, bumps, pouts and all the other stuff but not that often thank goodness.

    Yes, I am eating the same but my calories are up to 2600+ on light days and over 3000 for hard days. None of those calories include fuel while running. The 2600+ days are easy to consume and I am hungry for the food but the 3000+ calorie day is tough to get in. Still looking for that 12-13% body fat number though. :) The energy and recovery is best it's ever been so I can't I take another bite. When I can run in just a jog bra like you I will have graduated!

  3. You're gonna have to change your "about me" description! Alex isn't a "little boy" any more - at least he doesn't look like it in that photo. Glad your sunny disposition is back - I really enjoy reading all of your posts. Lots of inspiration!

  4. You are very inspiring. I can't believe how hard you train. It's awesome.

  5. Ronda, you can model running underwear, and then go for a run in it, so stop sugaring Kendra (who doesn't need sugaring anyway:)). And did I hear talk about big thighs? Exactly what name will you give mine then? This picture with Alex shows it all. Enjoy the sun, and soak some for me, because I am looking at it through the work window right now!

  6. Hi Rooster,
    I ran across your blog through another runner's and wanted to say hello. I train using Daniels' principles as well...anybody that uses the term VDOT is near and dear to my heart;) See you around,

  7. I like Daniels' stuff too - works great for me. Just started adding hills a few weeks ago in preparation for a 25K trail race in April.

    PS> Keep working the hip abductors ;)

  8. I recently moved to Portland and found your blog looking for runners to connect with and have enjoyed reading about your running adventures. I admire your dedication and endurance.

    Based on your blog we have discovered Lief, Champoeg and look forward to the exploring the Banks-Vernonia trail soon. When you ran your 40 did you run on the bike trail or on the roads?

    Happy trails,

  9. Wow, so many new readers...thanks for visiting. I have checked your blogs out and will follow along on your adventures.

    Laura Alex is only 11 but he is a tall boy with very big feet. :)

    Nice to hear other follow the Daniel's methods. I just do what Scott says but he makes me read the book and I love the training.

    Kel - you mentioned hip abductors...can you tell me what muscles those are? Is that why my rear end is so tight and sore?

  10. Squirrely, welcome to Portland! Beautiful city with lots of great places to run. You will love the Banks-Vernonia trail. At Champoeg I did all my training on the bike path. It is exactly 3.1 miles from the old cabin to the end of the path....enjoy.

  11. Rooster - hip abductors = gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. Outer hip muscles. The ones that are weak on every distance runner I've ever trained and can be a source of most of the common overuse injuries they suffer.

  12. Sounds like a great run! I love that you include your splits cause it really does help (and is starting to actually make sense to me :) watching it in action.