Thursday, April 30, 2009

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Is this normal? That was the question I asked myself as I loaded my car at Cash and Carry with my main grocery's. When I got it all loaded I started busting up. I don't know but at the time it just seemed hilarious and a bit crazy. 5 dozen large eggs, this huge bag of Bob's Redmill Oats, a box of yams and 5 pounds of asparagus. I refrained from purchasing the 20 pound of brown rice because I am still eating the bag I have. Of course I buy all sorts of other food but that's was my Cash and Carry shopping list and I meant it. This bag of oats is only $29! The tiny bags at the grocery store are around $5 so it's a bargain. Believe it or not it won't take me that long to chow through this bag. I sort of feel like a tough girl shopping in bulk...I don't know why but it seems kind of bad a__. It's pretty sad when my version of bad a__ is shopping in bulk....oh well. Fortunately I have other friends who eat like this so I feel very normal. :) I called during my personal laughing attack and found comfort.

I am ready for Miwok! We leave tomorrow and I am pretty excited. The weather looks just like PNW weather....rain and 50 degrees. Sounds like I will feel right at home. This week was a cut back schedule. I still had a track workout yesterday but the rest are recovery and strides. Last weekend was also cut back. Saturday was a 90 minute trail run nice and easy 3A only. Sunday I did have 2.5 hours in the gorge with 2X20 minute of hill threshold work. I felt really good on that run.

I've done Miwok 3 other times and only once did I have a good day. Unfortunately I took a wrong turn that day which was about a 2 mile mistake. I got in in 11:40ish. The other two Miwok runs were just struggles. This is a hard distance for me. I think I go out too fast and that extra 12 miles beyond the 50M distance is not easy for me to gauge. The biggest issue I seem to have at this race is managing myself for the long haul. I go out too fast, have a bad patch, pull through it for a good finish but the bad patch takes it's toll and sucks up a lot of time. I am hoping I can keep this in my small head on Saturday, plan my race better and pace myself more appropriately. Miwok is a fabulous course and it has a certain appeal that makes you want to go back year after year. If you are a good downhill runner this is a great course to show off your descending talent. Ask Olga who posted an awesome time a couple of years ago....she can fly downhill. I am not a great downhill runner. I have my moments but for the most part I am just okay. For me to do well here I need to run hard down those open roads and make the most of the gravity. My goal time for this race is 11:15. That's a big stretch for me since my other times have been, 11:40ish, 11:30ish and 12:10ish.

The best part about this trip will be when Bill and I arrive in Vegas to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary! I am so excited to relax and have fun. We won't be exploring any of the Vegas trails we will be laying by the pool, drinking wine and eating everything that was not on my Cash and Carry list. :) We might be doing some dancing but that only if we can stay up past 11. We are both excited to go but are sad we will miss a couple of Alex's games but his grandparents will be taking lots of pictures.

My big 12 year old is deep in Majors Baseball. They get serious at this point and it's been non-stop baseball practices, games and a tournament. It is one of my favorite sports to watch. At this age is real baseball with strategy and the kids are getting good. Alex hit 3 home runs at the tournament and one over the 250 foot fence. If a ball player hits it over the fence they team gets to come out and and congratulate the hitter when they cross home plate. It was awesome and I was so happy for him. My hands and throat hurt form all the clapping and screaming. Seems my boy's got some natural speed posting the fastest run time in the league. Although he's got speed and strength he is super laid back and non-competitive. He would rather cheer for someone else and help them compete. This year he has some of most fabulous coaches. They are constantly talking to kids about competing and staying in game no matter what the's never over until it's over. They are teaching them how to compete rather than focusing on just the win. Of course the ultimate outcome of serious competing is winning but their approach and words are very insightful. At this age the kids easily become dissappointed and lose motivation but they are teaching them to think differently and it's working. I thought about ultra running and how that's the main thing to remember. It's never over, stay in it, pull out of it and you can then walk away from the finish knowing you gave it your best no matter what the outcome. It's never over until it's over. :)


  1. Ronda, release the fear and fly!!! Let the steps get wider and leap over those roads! I believe in you, I do! And shopping bulk does make sense when you're certain you'll eat it up:) Have fun running, celebrating 15 years, and seeing Alex play ball!

  2. Hah! We have a 50 lb bag of oatmeal in our dining room that Donn got at Puget Consumer's Co-op for his granola making! Maybe I can get the same deal on yams!

    Good luck this weekend. And that's so cool about Alex and baseball!! He's got an awesome role model!

  3. I bet you KILL Miwok. And I love the giant bag of oatmeal. You could do some olympic "cleans" with that thing if you can't get to the gym!

    Oh, and what a cool son! And have fun in Vegas! Sounds divine!

  4. Look forward to seeing you at Miwok (not all that likely actually since we'll start in the dark and then you'll be far ahead!), but if we don't get to say hi, consider it said here!

    Good luck and I'm sure you'll do great.


  5. Cash & Carry here I come! Have a great run at Miwok! and a blast in Vegas!!

  6. Hey Ronda, Bob's Red Mill rocks. :) When we were in Portland last year, I actually visited the BRM Visitor Ctr. across the river in Milwaukie. I am such a geek, so I know what you mean about being a bad___. heehee!

    Happy anniversary!