Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My food log and training

After posting about my desired goal of 14% body fat I got quite a few emails requesting my food log. After meeting with a nutritionist last Friday I had to make some changes to my standard eating plan or at least he created a menu for me and there are some significant differences. First he measured my fat himself and came up with 16.86%, can't get much more precise and we talked about all the workouts I do in a week. In my mind I am not doing much running but in his opinion it's a ton and in order to make any changes I need to fuel my body appropriately to burn fat. Now this is all common knowledge, "fat burns in a carbohydrate flame". He spent a couple of days pondering my puzzle and came up with a plan he feels will ensure my goal is obtained.

There were some of very noticeable changes. One, I generally eat no more than about 15% fat and many times lower and he felt that was not enough given the output of fat burning activity. He bumped my fats to 24% but all good fats. Second, my calories for the day's when I am only running for an hour stay the same at 1965 per day but on the days I am running more or the intensity is high it goes to 2465 per day. Third, all my simple sugar carbs were replaced by very complex carbs. Forth, the variety of foods I get to eat is awsome. He would like me to follow the plan and then monitor the outcome every two weeks. Of course I was more than willing to give it a try for 6 weeks. I can't call this a diet because I am eating a ton of food and my biggest challenge is getting it all in. With so many complex carbs making up my carbohydrate portion instead of simple ones, I am full! The last time I was on a food plan was after being pregnant and trying to lose the pregnancy weight I gained from endless amounts of apple pie. So far, I have not been able to eat all six meals per day. I thought I ate a lot of good complex carbs but now it's apparent I did not, at least not enough to full my body for the activity I am doing. If I go in next Friday and no changes have been made then he will make modifications. He asked me if I thought lower body fat would boost my performance and I replied, "I have no idea". He asked me why I am seeking this goal and I replied, "I just want to see what it's like to be at 14% and if my performance is better than that's just icing on the cake". He said, "fair enough, let's have at it".
Here is the daily food I was eating before I met with him:

Now this is what I am eating:
As you can see the total calories are the same but the makeup is different. How is this impacting my workouts? I have only had 2 hard workouts since making the changes but so far I have one big observation. When I start my run and am doing the warm up phase I feel like I am lacking energy and have thought I might be getting sick, that's how sluggish I felt but once 20 minutes has past I am on fire. It's quite a dramatic difference in how much energy I have at the start vs. the middle and end of the workouts. My first impression is that since I am lacking the simple sugars I used to have I don't have the quick energy....sorta of like a gel type of energy but once the body starts to use the complex carbs and fat I feel great. I need to have more data points before I can firmly draw this conclusion. The menu was created for me personally, for my body weight, fat % and my output with regards to running and lifting so of course everyone would be different.

Training has started so I've had my first speed workout and after my sluggish warm up where I was wondering if I would even be able to do the speed work I felt awesome and had a ton of speed forcing myself to back off. This weekend will be my first outlined long run with my HR monitor and I am looking forward to it.


  1. Hey Rooster, how generous of you to share all this and take the time to put it into understandable words. My golly, that is a lot of meals... and lots of variety, you're right, esp. in the meat/fowl/fish department. Is it time consuming preparing each of those meals? I guess you prepare lots of each kind of thing at the beginning of the week and then it's just ready. In any case, your "before" food already looked so healthy, all I can say is "watch out" now! I'll be interested to see if your initial theory about having more energy further into the run firms up... it makes sense to me! Thanks again for responding to us curious folk. :)

  2. Hi Kendra,

    The meals are just too much right now but I spoke with Mark and he said just do my best and as I generate hunger I will be able to eat all of it, we'll see. :).

    Actually the prep time is nothing compared to what I used to do for me and my family. Since it's so simple and the meals are the same throughout the week shopping and cooking is easy. Since the portions of protein are so small I did have to separate and freeze stuff so it wouldn't go to waste. The hardest part is eating it :). All the food is weighed after cooking and that's a bit of time but it's fun to see and learn so I don't mind.

    BTW - your blog rocks, I love your stories and the pictures!

  3. The hardest part for me is still measuring - I am awating my b-day gift of a food scale:) I printed that thing out (new food log) along with email from today - ho-ho, I am in trouble!

  4. Oh my gosh, as I sit here eating Skittles...(where do those fit in?)You are such a good example. You don't make a big deal out of stuff and you just do it! Thanks to reading your blog, my body is now asking me for a brain transplant. I don't think I would ever be able to confine myself to 1/2 an ounce of cheese in one sitting. And generating hunger? I can't even go there. I am hungry constantly. Okay, enough whining about me. Thanks again for so much great information, R! I'll be checking on you regular-roosterly!