Monday, October 29, 2007

A Creature of Habit!

It's has been so great to be back in training mode and enjoying the first few workouts in this wonderful Fall weather here in the PNW. Saturday was 2 hours on the Wildwood with Stacey working mainly in 3A. Not an easy zone but the powerhouse zone and when it's not worked consistently is actually takes effort to maintain the pace for long periods of time. The best part of a good 3A workout is it's easy focused effort but not enough to leave you feeling drained like you would after a speed session. My 3A is not anywhere near tip top shape but I am pleased with my starting point. Since the entire last week was wonderful weather I was expecting to see big crowds on the trails but to my surprise we didn't see hardly anyone. We got caught up and chatted most of the way. The schedule brings back the rituals and habits I have surrounding running, I just love structure! Sunday was an off day but I woke up with lots of energy so while Bill and Alex were brushing up on Alex's basketball skills I lifted upper body and went to a stretching class. Alex starts basketball season and tryouts were last night so soon our weeks will be very full with school work and practices. I absolutely love to watch the games and Bill loves coaching so were all looking forward to it. Alex measured in at 5'5" at age 11, nothing like being towered over by your 6th grader :)

Gorge Monday was another good run with friends. Susan, Trisha and I did an 8 mile loop and it was another beautiful day in Oregon. The colors are really nice this year because of the crisp weather and lack of rain so it was crunch, crunch, crunch the whole run, very fun! Susan and Trisha are were showing their best tough girl pose during a pause on the Larch Mtn. Trail while they worked on the paw back technique during the blazing smooth downhill heading into Wahkeena Falls. These are a moderate long run workout so nothing very strenuous which means lots of girl talk. We run for about 2 to 2.5 hours then head back home to real life duties. Just enough to refresh your energy for the week.

I have been on Mark's nutrition plan for a week now and can't believe how much energy I have plus I am definitely seeing results. I still cannot eat all the food prescribed but Mark said that was fine just do the best I can. With so many complex carbs I am crazy with energy so I can't wait for my next workout. The first few days were a bit of an adjustment as I battled with little Miss Trouble. Little Miss Trouble is the voice in my head that likes to get me to deviate from my plans. Apparently I have some bad habits :) I like to go running and then on occasion stop at Starbucks for my double tall non-fat 1.5 pump no whip mocha....whew that's a mouthful. But....since I have committed to this plan and nowhere on it does it say, "Starbucks Mocha", my habit has been exposed and has to be shelved. So.....I am driving down the road and little Miss Trouble appears on my shoulder saying things's only 170 calories what's the big deal....yum, yum...can you smell the coffee and feel the nice warm cup?.....let alone the fact that you like the ritual of stopping at Starbucks and seeing all the people enjoying their coffee, smiling and having a moment. While on my other shoulder is little Miss Perfect who does nothing wrong just perched up there nicely giving me a shake of the finger. The rebel in me likes little Miss Trouble but the achiever in me loves little Miss Perfect so the battle wagged as I gripped the steering wheel and drove on by. I have had a couple of other battles with the small voices in my head but little Miss Perfect has won every time. It's been fun and interesting to uncover my habits....ones I didn't know I had. But it's been rewarding to overcome them so all is good. As I approach the end of the second week the habits are gone and the voices in my head are quiet. :) I get pinched and measured on Friday! Meanwhile I am putting all this energy to good use this week with a long stride workout, 10K VDOT race followed by a 2 hour run, 4 strength sessions and a ton of eating:).


  1. Yeah, it's like I was watching kids unopacking candy last night, and I don't even like candy, but it's boring to simply watch them while they are chewing and happy, so my hand almost reaches out, then I am like :hey, I don't even like it! I did take a left-over lollypop from Stephen, pretty much down to a stick, and sucked on it to keep my mouth occupied:)
    Alex is 5'5"! Wow, he's grown since last I saw him. Are you bringing him over to AL? Stephen is coming with me to main AS.
    Wish this weather stays for-ever...

  2. You are so inspiring. I get such a desire to shape up and fly right when I come over and read your blog. My voices do battle all the time too. One is called Ideal Kendra and I call her IK for short (as in, ick). Which kinda makes her mad. But IK is good to have during races. Anyway, it's great to know that you're getting so much energy out of your new food plan to reward you for your discipline. Keep it up - you're awesome!