Friday, May 27, 2011

Loading up!

Loading the bikes up for another MTB race! I am actually excited. A definite shift from the "oh crap" attitude. My bike and I are getting along nicely. We have been working on our relationship a lot lately. Mostly I am to blame for not trusting her. Together we have bettered our time on both hills and rolling terrain. My brakes are getting a reprieve from the constant death grip. This Sunday is the Sisters Stampede. A 28 mile single track race. This should be an interesting test. Can I hold my ground and not steer myself right into a ponderosa pine. Bill has his new bike and it is nothing short of amazing. He's seems completely confident that he can ride it without incident. I think he's probably right since he doesn't flinch at corners, hills, rocks or speed. Hoping Alex will get the itch and ride the Cat 3 course (short version). We will work on him and his buddy on Saturday while out there.

Running has been coming along nicely as well. Ran 6 hours in the Gorge last weekend and beat my 4/2/11 time by over 20 minutes. That was exciting. Progress is always a motivator. Maybe the tent is giving that cape I have been waiting for. Erin and Micheal trotted along ahead which was a nice pull. I love chasing friends. It would have been nice if they would have shown a slight bit of fatigue!

I am now sleeping soundly at 9,000 feet wondering if this tent is really working! My cat and I sleep really well in there. On Monday I will set it 10,000. I had a negative split run last week and noticed a bit more uptake. My pace wasn't faster. Mostly because my legs were fried from other workouts but it did feel easier. My heart rate was about 7 beats lower for the pace I was generating. I joked with Bill. If this tent works we should make our whole bedroom an oxygen tent. He looked at me as if I might be serious. A long pause waiting to determine if I was joking.

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  1. hi, i wanted to take the time to say great job on the dedication you put forward every day. looking forward to the next blog.