Sunday, January 3, 2010


"Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes" a saying said often by my good friend Micheal. Simple but so true. 2010 is already here. Another decade for the history books and I swear it was the year 2000 and I wondered what happened to the 90's. Of course saying goodbye to 09 and ringing in the new year begs the question, "What's your new years resolution". It must be in vogue to say, "I don't make New Years Resolutions", as if they were a thing of the past. I wondered this year what mine would be. I love changes. I truly embrace challenges both good and bad with an eagerness to see or feel a different way. It makes me feel alive and moving. I can't be stagnant for long. However skilled I am in taking on new or ridding myself of the old and unwanted it certainly isn't easy. Some changes are big and some are small but no matter the size the true gift in the end is to see real change. I think in order to make any you need to be honest with yourself, honest with your support group and honest with how much your willing to put into it. If you have family or a life no matter what kind of change you want to make it most certainly will impact others. All the habits, the words, gestures and our feelings we have regarding the topic has to change in order for real concrete newness to take hold. To pretend we are an island free to make and do new things or change old bad habits on our own is and mistake. That kind of thinking will surely leave us back to the same old same old. All the people we effect have an impact on our ability to make changes. For example, if we want to stop eating sugar we need to change lots of things. We can't expect the people in our lives to just give up sugar because we don't buy it anymore. We shouldn't expect to silently torture ourselves and not ask for help in resisting. Being honest with ourselves is key to making changes. Asking ourselves, "is this really a change I want to make or does it just seem like a good idea"? A great idea is nothing without concrete action. New Years Resolutions might be a thing of the past but it is a good time to reflect on your life, surroundings and ponder what real change takes. ACTION! NOTHING CHANGES IF NOTHING CHANGES!
On the running front. I just ended another 4 week cycle and Christmas Camp. I am running strong and feeling really good about the marathon. I have had two break out runs. First a 25 miler which was 9 miles of aggressive warm up then 15 miles at M-Pace (7:40). We did this on the 26th right after some really poor fueling and not much sleep. It was hard but I had complete control to hold the pace despite how crappy I felt. The second was today's Yasso workout. I decided to do 3:20 and came in mostly at 3:16. Again I felt in complete control of the pace and walked away feeling good and no where near thrashed. My recovery has been awesome. The amount of speed work I am doing is more than I have ever attempted. I need to put my best foot forward when it comes to turnover so I am not holding back. The best part of this training has been the sharing it with the girls. The Tuesday workouts are long and hard nearing the 16-18 mile mark and it makes all the difference knowing others will be out there.

Happy New Year everyone! Christmas Campers Rock!


  1. Ronda, great to hear from you! When you disappear, it means you're training hard:) happy New year!

  2. Hi Ronda,
    Sounds like you're in great shape to have an awesome day at Surf City. I've followed your blog off and on for a couple of years, and just moved to Portland in November. I'm coming back from an injury, so am not up to long trail runs again, but would love to meet up to run with you in the coming months. Good luck next month!


  3. Great post on resolutions. I just started training for Boston last week and am looking for more places to do my long runs. Any suggestions for good spots near Vancouver/Portland? I've worn Springwater down to the ground and am strangely in love with Marine Drive. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

  4. "Nothing changes if nothing changes" - Love it and your comments on my blog last year helped shape my training changes.
    WOW - You are getting faster, and you were already fast. You are a machine!
    I agree with Olga - If I see no recent posts, that means your busy training which is a good thing.

  5. Amy, welcome to Portland! I would love to meet up for a run sometime. Let me know when your ready, shoot me a comment and we will do it.

    Good luck on your Boston training Emily. How about Lief Ericson? Have you been there yet? It a gravel road with 1/4 mile markers. It's great training for the marathon. If your looking for a soft 2 mile loop the the Fitness Trail at Glendoveer Park is great. I like the bike path out a Champoeg Park. We are running out there on Jan 24th, a 22 miler. It's 3 miles one way so we will be doing some out and backs. Good training though and a nice park. the water front is nice, lots of people on the Portland side but by connecting to Springwater you can make a good 14 mile loop by going over the Sellwood Bridge and into Willamette park.