Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Operation Go Figure - Week 2

Well yesterday was the end of week two. When I met with Mark on Wednesday he changed things up. He now has me doing 3 cardio sessions a day 5 times a week. He also changed my menu and decreased my calories. The caloric change down was minor...only about 60 calories a day. The biggest change was the macro nutrient shift. My carbs went down and my proteins went up while the fats stayed the same. The change in carbs was not major and I am never carb depleted but with the extra cardio added I can feel it. I do my cardio at 5:30 a.m. then around noon then again just before bed. Kind of odd but it makes sense and burns fat like an inferno.

I am still not chewing my arm off but am ready to eat on my 3 hour interval. I actually heard my stomach growl for the first time in forever! My metabolism is cranking and I can tell because I am getting hungry faster and I am sweating more when I do my workouts. All of this is very interesting and amazing.

As of last Friday I have shed 4.4 pounds of fat and gained a bit of muscle. I suspect I will see more muscle gains this week with the extra protein. My weight is pretty low for me coming in at 108 pounds and that's with workout clothes and shoes. At the starting of a 100M I am weighed at about 114-116. I am pretty sure my trail shoes are heavier than my workout shoes but still that's light for me. It's crazy to see my body change so dramatically in such a short amount of time. The even crazier aspect of it I am not starving and not tired or sluggish. It makes me think a lot about how simple it all really is and how complicated and complex we might choose to see it, meaning change. Somehow change always seem to be saddled with so many obstacles when in truth those obstacles might be created. I don't know, just thinking and observing as this process continues. Right now I am burning around 700-900 calories with my cardio and probably about 250 for my weight training. The sum of those minus my 1747 calories is obviously working. I would have suspected I would feel like crap but I don't yet. :)

I have been practicing the posing portion a lot. This is my weakness. I am not shy about soliciting help and am fortunate to have friends who are willing to play "figure competition". They are the judges and I give them a script which tells them to prompt me for the next pose. They then judge and give feedback. It's been super helpful in a few aspects. First, I get practice and have to move around with ease in and out of the poses. The goal is to do this as if you are a pro with a graceful appearance and not a football player....which is where I am at. Graceful is a new word for me. I have never been graceful, never took dancing lessons as a kid, and really didn't play much dress up. So....now I am. It's also helping me become more comfortable in my own skin and doesn't allow me to hide my body. Obviously this is something I will be over by Oct. 11th. So far its all been a big growing experience and I am enjoying the "out of my comfort zone" push.

Someone asked me yesterday if I am having trouble with all the un-healthy food around my house. Friday's are pizza and movie night at our home so there is all sorts of junk food around then. In addition, my family eats about 70% of what I eat. Alex likes white bread, Bill loves chocolate and they both indulge in ice cream. The truth is I have absolutely no desire to put any of that in my mouth right now. I have never been one of those impulse emotional eaters anyway but as Thomas said, "Nothing like getting up in front of a crowd in a swimsuit to motivate". However daunting the swimsuit is the biggest motivator is the changes I see. My body looks quite a bit different and that blows my mind so that alone is motivating.

On the running front Micheal, Steve and I signed up for Coyote Two Moon 100M in mid March. Now that is going to be a challenge. Training for that kind of 100M with our winter will leave us becoming very creative. I am excited to do this low key FUN 100M. They seem to lean towards the FUN part so we will for sure take part. I am looking forward to doing this race.


  1. I'm new to Portland, but I imagine part of the challenge is getting some good mountainous training in since all those places to train around here will be covered in snow. I heard there are some good places to run in Tillamook State Forest that are mostly snow free in the winter (but maybe really slippery). I'm looking forward to checking those trails out eventually!

  2. Wow! You are just as teeny tiny as you look! (What an unremarkable observation, right?) How much cardio are you doing in the morning, noon and evening? What are your workouts? I'm impressed that you're not chewing your arm off.

    I'm trying to "lean up" and could do the morning and night cardio. I would technically run at lunch too but it would be a PITA.

    I thought about Coyote 2 Moon (100k) but decided it might be sort of hard for me yet. I'm still a newbie :-)

  3. Nothing like getting outside your comfort zone! Taking it to another level sometimes requires it. Sounds like you’re right on track. You better warn the competition you’re raising the bar!

  4. Hi Danni,

    I wanted to answer your questions here so I hope you come back and read them. :)

    I am doing 3 cardio sessions at 30 minutes per. I do the incline walking with a very looooooong stride forcing that glute hamstring separation (booty lifter). I have a treadmill at home so I put the inlcine at 13% and the speed at 3.0-3.2. The key is keep your heart rate in the fat burning range so super low. Running will make it too high no matter how efficient we are so that's why I do the walking. Also, the change up in the muscles with the long stride is crazy. I actually think this kind of walking is a great recovery workout and I plan to add it when I start heavy training again. It really cranks on those glutes and upper hamstring portions of the muscles. The weight workouts are hard right now. Back on Monday, so lots of pull-ups. I do 6 sets of 6 weighted, wide grip trying to get the nice "V" shape and hit the bra fat area. I strap that funny waist belt with the chain and hang 25 pounds. The last two sets are incredibly hard and I have had to have some assistance on the those. Use the machine at your gym that will aid you. If you just keep at it you will be doing pull ups before you know it. Tuesdays, shoulders and abs. Wednesday, legs. Thursday, chest, biceps and triceps. Friday, off. Saturday, shoulders again. Sunday off. That's the weight training.

    To get lean it's 80% diet! I know it might be hard to believe but it's true. It's all diet. If you want I will send you my menus to see how it's done. I have menus I use druing my utra training too, just send me your email address if you want them.


  5. Thanks Ronda! I'm very interested in knowing what you eat. I do believe you that it's mostly diet. danni.coffman@gmail.com


  6. It is a bit more difficult training for a spring 100. I have run the McNaughton 100 in April the past 4 years and have found that snowshoe running is great training! I enjoy running 50 miles on snowshoes and trail with Topaz much better than 50 miles on asphalt and ice! This year we are running an inaugural Zumbrota 100 miler in March.

    Good work on the weights and stripping off the fat. That walking-that is something new for you! Good night 100 mile portion training too :)

  7. Ronda, your dedication is amazing! I'm gonna try the treadmill thing in the morning and night (with a FT job, I can't do a midday workout), and see if it helps. I do remember when I added weight training to my routine several years ago I was amazed at how quickly my body completely transformed. I'd love to see your training diets (for both ultra training and body building), if you're willing to share. My 41-year-old post-ankle surgery body is in a major rut right now, so it's time to shake things up!

    My email is heinselrunner@earthlink.net.

  8. P.S. C2M is a blast! I did the 100K version last year. It's definitely an extremely challenging course, but is so much fun.

  9. Hey Ronda,
    I too, would love to see your menu's for your ultra running diet. I need some new ideas on how to be the fittest and most efficient I can be. Would you mind emailing me too? Thanks so much. imarunningal@sbcglobal.net

  10. You have my attention.