Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Peak Training is here

59 more days until I get to run Bighorn 100M. The last time I ran it we were forced onto the alternate snow route last minute due to unrelenting snow. I am really hoping we get to do the original course this year. I am seriously looking forward to the grind to Porcupine Pass on the narrow no trail in the wee hours of the night. There is only 8 weeks left so subtracting the 10 day taper that leave 6 weeks of heads down training. This is my favorite part of ultra running.

Not only do I absolutely relish the hard back to backs that start this week I love the challenge of making it all work. With my lovable type A personality the balancing act is almost as hard as the runs. I don't want to miss one sporting event, I don't want eat like crap, I don't want my dishes or laundry to pile up, I don't want my arms to turn to total flab and my wings to grow hair. I'll even admit I don't leave my house without all the beds made. Since I don't live in my own private running world and I have a family who expects me to do more than lay my tired butt on the couch it makes these next weeks the perfect challenge. Success will be measured in 2 ways. First, can I get it all done and still be my happy self? Second, will I rock those hard workouts and get the most out of them? Due to Alex's track schedule I have bumped my week to a Tues. - Mon. schedule for the next three weeks. Track meets are an all day event and I can't miss one to go for a run because I would be running along feeling like a looser so why bother. My week of running will look something like this. 3 long recovery workouts, 1 day off, one long 3A/3B trail effort of at least 2 hours then the back to backs. The back to backs will be 4 hours with 2-3X45 minute hill repeats at lactic threshold which I will do on Sunday. Then on Monday back that up with 6-7 hours of running in the 3A/3B range with some lactic threshold stuff on the second half. Both these days will be in the Gorge. Lucky for me a couple of my friends are going to join in the fun. I can and will go run in the Gorge solo but having company is always good and makes the nerves calmer. During the long tired times every sound in the woods can turn into a cougar stalking or a bear attack in a cluttered lactic acid filled mind. :) So as it stands for the next couple of weeks I have 3 seriously quality runs, 3 recovery efforts and one day off. After MacDonald Forest which just happens to coincide with the end of track season it's back to a normal week for the final training.

How am I going execute. I have cleared my calendar. Nothing but life and running exists for then next 6 weeks! Now that is living. :)


  1. You are totally cracking me up:) I'll be in Portland May 1-2, Gorge runs! Hope to bump into you - what's the schedule there? Sunday, Herman creek hill repeats, 7am?

  2. You got it girl. It would be awesome if you could come out.

  3. Ronda,

    Thanks for being so REAL. You are a real mom with real Type A issues like me (and, I suspect, many of us out here). I totally relate to your feeling of not wanting to miss any of Alex's events---I have three teens, all athletes, and this has been my challenge for training as well, but I always remind myself that I run with more peace and calm when I have gotten my family fix. In fact, I know it's time for a race when my middle son asks, "Mom, when's your next race?" They like to have Type A mom away for the day from time to time :-)

    Thanks also for the training preview. I always learn a lot from your training as we are of similar 10k and marathon pace. Quick question...what is 3A/3B for you in terms of HR? I am not training for a 100 this summer but I am gunning for a 40 miler on June 19.



  4. Hey Sophie, you are truly an awesome mom. Three teens and ultra running plus type A. Now that is energy output! Don't you think it's gets harder when they get older? They need you in so many more complex ways. It's truly a gift to get to experience it.

    My 3A is 145-155, my 3B is 156 - 165. I like to run my AT workouts in the 171 range and not much higher.