Thursday, August 7, 2008

The longest taper or......

no race at all! My knee is not doing very well. I guess my adaption theory is out the window on this one. I was able to get through WR50M and it really wasn't at the forefront during the race. When I got home I was sidelined for 4 days by those nasty blisters which you would think would be good news for my knee. When I started back running it was like someone was stabbing me in the knee on the inner portion of my patella tendon. Along with the pain came a lack of mobility. My leg simply would not run. It's almost like the area between the quads and calf are not working together and the knee is just left dangling. I limped for a good 7 miles then called it good. My knee cap is riding high and the tracking process is hampered. I guess that's the cause of the sudden sharp pain....when the kneecap tracking gets out of alignment. Here's what I have been doing:

1. Massage - My quads are hammered at the insertion to my knee, especially the medial.
2. Deep tissue release - From Dr. Tollenaar which helps a lot in getting the kneecap back in it's spot.
3. Icing like a freak! 20 minutes on and 2 hours off. The knee is just not that swollen but is a bit.
4. VMO stimulation: Sitting with my back against a wall, legs straight out in front, aggressive flex of the quads, hold for 5 seconds, off for 10 seconds, repeat 10 times twice a day.
5. Rubbing some magic ointment on it waiting for the majic to HAPPEN!!
6. Pouting but hiding it least I think so.

So..........Is my race in jeopardy??? Most definitely! If I can run at all I will go and do it, most likely slow but I am on board. As it stands today, I can't run. The pain is not an ache that Advil will mute. It's has more to do with the lack of function once it gets zinged...the mobility of my leg is very compromised. I am open to suggestions folks! I am bummed and sad about the race but am not giving up yet. I am not one of those people who can turn a frown upside down so I am not even going to try and fake myself won't work. Let's say I heal up or get over my unknown problem and can run the race. It will be the longest taper EVER! What happens to someone who goes to run a 100 miles when the last long run they have done was a month prior? Well, I guess I will get a new experience if that it the case. We are leaving for vacation in UTAH on Saturday and will be gone through the race so I will be there no matter what....running or helping my friends run it. I have a long run planned on Sunday with some folks from Utah and that will be the final test before I decide.

What will I do if I can't run???? Well, I have a plan B. It doesn't involve my bike because that is not helping my knee right now and I can't really do any biking unless it's on a flat surface that requires no straining. I'll fill you in on Plan B if I need to go there but I will stay focused on the task at hand.


  1. Ronda!!! What a bummer. This is bad, but this is not the end of the world, and you know it:) As focused as you are, you'll be back. I have a feeling plan B requires wearing a skimpy swim suit and parading around?
    I hope you heal up to the point to give it a "go", and actaully longest taper worked for so many elite athletes! However, if anything, I will still see you in Tetons, and we can have fun at the AS!

  2. hmmm I like Olga's plan B :-)

    Rondaaaaaaaaaa ...WTFFFFFFFFFFF, You know what I think and I truly hate to say this BUT it's the BIKE...

    Your knees have been doing so well with your running and helping & cheering you on and then you get on this Bike thingy and your knee said "I am going on strike, I thought we did this RUNNING thing pretty good & I like running!!, the Other Knee said " Well I will stick it out and see what happens" She did do a 50 a few weeks ago

    OK Well I tried to add in some humor, not sure if it helps :-(

    I hope you recover soon, If you need a better laugh then my sorry attempt watch the video clip on my last post, pretty funny.


  3. I say continue to treat, rest it, and heal up. Then go for it,
    darn it! I think it would be interesting to see what a super
    long taper leads to on race
    day for you. You are tough and
    it would be a good experiment.
    I know how frustrating it is to see your training and race plans (which are months long in the undertaking) get potentially sidelined due to an injury. It becomes mentally painful as well as physically painful! Good luck with your decision making.

  4. Hi Rhonda - I figured I'd out myself as a reader to put in my two cents. Not sure how I stumbled on to your blog, but your pursuits are so inspiring, I just kept coming back.

    I am a doc and aspiring ultra-chick (doing my first 50k next month at mackenzie R), living down in Salem, OR. I am not a sports specialist and my thoughts come without the benefit of a physical exam, but based on what you describe, it sounds like you might have patellofemoral syndrome. This is often called "runner's knee" but it is pretty common in bikers, too. In your case, I don't think this had anything to do with running, but instead with the biking.

    You are obviously in phenomenal shape, but the biking was completely new to your body and you started at a very intense pace (lots of racing), without the proper equipment, which put a lot of new stress on your knee.

    Unfortunately, rest is the mainstay of treatment. But I think you'd be surprised how little your fitness will decline with a month or so off so I think you could still be able to pull off a great race.

    -Pam (Mackenzie's wife cuz I don't have/want my own Google account!)

  5. Oooh! So bummed about your knee! But you went into this with such awesome fitness that I have NO DOUBT after a good long taper (for which your knee will thank you), you'll bounce back fine. And you'll have a good race too! Remember Scott right before Hardrock last year...:) Thinking good positive thoughts for you!

  6. Don't sweat the taper. If you're good to go race day, your base, plus Bighorn and WR, will have right back out there in the front of the pack.

  7. Ok, ok...let's not throw the bike out with the bath water. With proper warm-up, stretching and POST RACE routine biking is not an enemy. Perhaps you could have actually tried mountain biking before racing...but not really your style

    I know you are doing everything you can to help your knee recover in time for this race. It is what it is and will be when the day comes. If you get to race- I know you will have a blast and kick butt while doing it. I'm sorry I cannot be there to witness this and you- eating the olive tapenade sliders. If it happens you will instead embark on your leaning-down fitness comp goals...I will be excited for those results as well.

    I would be SO grateful if you would pace me at the end of the marathon. And yes, I think I may still be able to drop you...can you handle it???? ;] Can't wait until you are home. Have fun and do some shopping while you are on vacation!!

  8. Ronda -

    I feel your pain, all too literally. Injuries SUCK! Let me know if you find a magic ointment that works.

    In addition to your list, I've tried a)Cursing, b)self-delusion, and c) signing up for JJ100 in November.

    So far none of the above has seemed to help. I hope b) and c) aren't redundant.

    Good luck. 4 Weeks' rest might be a good thing anyway.