Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tagged, OK I will play.

Kendra tagged me so I need to give 5 random facts about myself:

1. I am an only child in a family where all my Aunts and Uncles produced only one child, married to an only child who's Aunts and Uncles produced only children and we have only one child. So of course only children rule! :).

2. I don't like nuts mixed in with any of my food. I like nuts but don't like them added to a salad, pasta, ice cream or anything. If I order something and it didn't list nuts as an ingredient and it comes with nuts I freak out. Don't know why but makes me mad! I eat nuts alone and love them. What a nut!

3. I make my bed every morning, always have, always will, don't leave my house without my bed made. Have done so since I can remember even when my mom could have cared less.

4. I am super emotional. I can seriously cry over a mayonnaise commercial and have done so.

5. For years I had a driver's license that allowed me to drive construction equipment like a rubber tired roller, paver, steel wheeled roller and I drove them all.

I will tag Darin and Kris!

On the running front we found snow at below 1500 feet on Monday. I was quite shocked to see the small amount of snow/ice on the low trail. We had a great Monday Gorge run and Zoe wore a very nice coat for the occasion. Ultra must get one of these, maybe for Christmas. Felt really strong on my upper body workout yesterday and I am getting much closer to producing a one armed push-up. The progress is fun and so far I can come up just fine but lowering myself more than about 4 inches is not happening yet. According to Marlin it should be the opposite but I guess my mid-section is much stronger than my shoulder girdle meaning I can support myself coming up but not strong enough to go down. Track workout today was spectacular (I love to huge exaggerating words)! I was hitting my mark 2 seconds faster than last week.


  1. I am going to test track tomorrow!!

  2. Oh my gosh! I just got my copy of Ultrarunning and saw where you were first female in the Slam and third overall! You rock! Way to go - so impressive!

  3. The snow on Monday's run
    was a great surprise! It was
    a good run -- my shoes are still
    drying out. Good luck at the
    Turkey Trot tomorrow!
    Susan Kokesh

  4. Thanks for playing along, Rooster - I loved your 5 facts, especially the heavy equipment experience! Hope you are having a happy T-giving.