Friday, June 10, 2011

This one's gonna hurt...

Beacon Rock 50K this weekend. I am excited to spend the day running around Hamilton Mountain. I suspect this is going to be tough event! This last week was pretty much a bust for me. I was exhausted! That 6hr mountain bike race destroyed me. It's been really hard to describe the kind of fatigue the long mountain bike races bring. I am not physically hurti
ng but it seems to give me this overall deep fatigue. My heart rate during the events is pretty high but not out of the ordinary when compared to trail running. I am wondering if the constant adrenaline drip might be zapping my system. Topping off the hard effort. It's such a new sort of tiredness.

Since I was thrashed this week I missed one of my runs. I gave it the good girl scout effort but aborted after 1 mile. I was just toasted and felt I was riding a fine line anyway. Instead I took a nap! I was out cold and had to peel my face off the pillow. Today was the first day this week I haven't been dreaming about my bed. I think I am on the mend. Just in time too. I have to keep a close eye on myself right now. I get so caught up in the fun I forget I am not supergirl. I am bit edgy as well. If one more person reminds me I am in my mid forties their gonna get hurt. As if once you hit 45 your done. Not buying it yet. However, when you're cooked at this age it show
more :) It's hard to hide the drooping, I feel like crap look.

I am sleeping at 9,000 feet now. The tent won't go up any further. One more week in this tent and I can't wait to get out. Though I have created quite a homey feel it's time to move on. My cat is going to be devastated. I think my recovery has been hampered a bit from some restless nights. After a hard long effort I have dreams I am being smothered. This of course wakes me up and I scramble out for air. This disturbs both Bill and
my cat. Bill jokes that I am my own circus act, ya know, tents, animals and various other stunts.

Hopefully Beacon Rock won't push me over the edge, literally!


  1. Ronda--
    you're hanging around the wrong people if they're telling you that 45 is too old... you need more doses of the ultra crowd... meghan a, for instance??? :) i know you know. ;) keep on rockin! we just get to utilize our maturity more as we age... making smart decisions about rest and recovery while still pounding out the big, bigger, biggest days! GO SUPERGIRL!

    kristin (j) z.

  2. Ronda, you'll do wonderful, and what's important, you are going to use this run to your best advantage. Last push!


  3. Ronda,
    Look at Meghan A...50 and still rockin. You got many more years and don't let any one tell you different.
    I think riding the Mtn Bike is much more of strain type of workout. You are always on edge. Where as trail running, sure we have our moments but most the time we are just cruising along. It is two different worlds.
    Have fun in the Gorge on Sunday.

  4. 45 is just warming up for the best years to come. I have people at work ask me how much longer I can run like this? I remind them that I know some awesome runners in their 60s that could out run them. The funny thing is I don't think they believe me. But I know it's true.

    Keep your eye on your goal, and don't get confused with the daily stuff. Your doing great.