Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Not your typical marathon

Saturday is the Leadville Marathon. The first race of the Leadwoman series. It's not at all your typical marathon which suits me just fine. Much more like an ultra. Mostly on dirt with lots of climbing and descending. We got an email from the RD last night that read more like a disclaimer. There's snow on the course. No big deal for the mountains but the way the email read was interesting. It sounded something like this:

There's snow on the course, volunteers have cut steps on the climbs, don't slip and be cautious, we've dug trenches on the side hills but be sure to not slide down a snow bank, the course is very safe thanks to our volunteers but can be dangerous so be careful with your footing, be prepared for any kind of day weather wise, please be careful to not fall and die on the ice.......

That's not exactly what it said but Bill was laughing hysterically when he read the email. Poor man, I sign him up for stuff that seem like a no brainer. His longest run was pacing me at Miwok in May. He knows how to suffer well though. I on the other hand couldn't be more excited about the email. This is right up my slow ally!

Park City has been amazing. The weather perfect and the endless amount of single track makes controlling myself hard. I've explored a bunch of new trails this time which has made me love it here even more. I can mountain bike right out the door. There's a huge amount of multi-use trails which I am not used to. Most of the trails I train on are not open to MTB's and the ones that are have a considerable amount of snow on them. I have already told Bill and Alex we need to spend more time here next summer! Off the Leadville on Friday.


  1. You're making me think again about reconsidering Park City (our first choice) vs Flagstaff with your descriptions! But I need more pictures, and a visit:) Next year, may be?
    best to you at Leadville marathon, Ronda, knock it off the list, enjoy, kick butt, it's going to be a great start to your summer!!!

  2. Have a blast!!! Danni

  3. Best of Luck this weekend!!! It's your kick off race, I'll be thinking of you. I was in Park City a few summers ago and LOVED IT! I went running on the trails every day, it was heavenly.