Monday, March 7, 2011

The next phase!

Seems like my Base Building phase is coming to a close. Next up the Build phase. This is my absolute favorite part of the training cycle. A lot meat in the part of training. Lots of gains and a lot mental shifts. I love this phase most because changes in my strength and speed start to show. They become measurable! I love numbers and data. It never lies and there is very little emotion in data. Since my personality caters to more intense environments it would seem the Peak phase would suit me. However, I have not been able to tap into a good zone with that yet but I have a love affair with the Build phase.

Old Pueblo left me fairly unscathed physically. In what now seems like a premature insecure fashion I sent Matt a mail saying I was concerned about how slow I am running. The loss of speed is hard for me swallow. Since I have no natural speed that is and always will be my weakness. Any speed I have has been well earned. I have found myself to be so slow it's hard for me to get my own head around it. Completely normal for someone embarking on a shift to multi sport. Even though common sense would tell me the shift to multi sport means a sacrifice in one my refusal to accept it is firm. I simply am not yet willing to give into the notion I will be a slower runner. My expectation is to become stronger and maybe even slightly faster. I see that preteen determined kid who refuses to take no for an answer. This stubbornness is a core piece of my being. Sometimes this serves me well and sometimes not. Nothing new there. Since I can feel this angst brewing I know I will be treading on a tight rope with training. I have never been great at calling "uncle" to workouts and peeling back when needed. I will have to watch myself carefully here. It will be an interesting self exploration.

When I do come out of the clouds I realize it's only just March and I have a lot work to do before I should be whining to my coach. Sometimes I just need to be talked off the ledge. Talked out my own head. Sometimes words aren't enough and maybe coaches realize that so like any good leader they take action. This last two weeks I've gotten run workouts that make me sweat! Workouts that beg the question, "Are you sure"? Before you know it you've done it and you walk away with less doubt.


  1. Keep being stubborn, otherwise life boringly sucks!!

  2. Oh man! I hate the build phase. I looooooooove the base building phase because it requires no data, no watch. Just run and run. Used to drive Scott nuts! :) But it is fun to watch others, like you and Annette Bednosky, train when y'all excel at things I suck at! Keeps me honest! Glad you're at the fun part of training :)

  3. There is no bad phase for you.
    The running speed will be there when you change gears. Stay focused on the bike.

  4. I love how you embrace each phase of your training. I'm not sure I could be so positive!