Tuesday, March 29, 2011


My build phase started out with a bang. A bang in the head that is. I posted about my poor after race care in my last entry. Since the Waterfalls 50K was "C" level race I wasn't supposed to need much recovery so the following week I had some significant workouts. My fluids were really off all week. My legs were swollen, my energy was low and my face looked a bit puffy too. I tried to catch up and did really well with water intake but left the electrolytes in the container. Not smart. The Friday following the race I had a 4 hour ride which I chose to do indoors. I just couldn't bare another frozen ride. I did a solid workout and was sweating a lot. I generally don't generate a lot of perspiration but I have never rode that long and that hard indoors. Saturday morning I got on plane headed to Park City. I felt pretty miserable. I had low energy, sluggish and just tired. By Saturday night I was really feeling sick. I thought I might be getting Alex's flu. At 2:30 a.m. I got up thinking I was going to be sick but instead I fainted and bashed my head on the granite tub. It was a pretty ugly scene from what I've been told. Blood coming out my ear, nose, mouth and my head on my left side. I went down pretty hard. That created a firestorm of drama but in the end it was a due mostly to my non-existent potassium levels. I was basically dehydrated. The crash got me a concussion, 3 liters of fluids, more tests that anyone would need and pretty decent lecture which I deserved. My BP wouldn't go above 62/32 for 2 hours so I was pretty out of it. I had been drinking plenty of water since I measure it like a weirdo. However I wasn't supplementing for electrolyte loss from the race and then the long ride. I felt so bad for my family and was incredibly embarrassed. Bill was freaked and Alex had to witness this too. I felt horrible all week. Like my brain and my synapses were not functioning plus I had one hell of headache. I guess a concussion can make you feel weird. What a way to start a vacation. No skiing for me! No running or anything for 2 days. They barely wanted me to drive. Being at 8,000 feet didn't help matters either. The gash on my head is a little over a week old here and it looks pretty good.
Matt gave me some doable workouts but it wasn't until the weekend where I got really see how I felt. I had my first big back to back run weekend. We did a Forest Park run then a good Gorge run. I felt better on Sunday than I did on Saturday.

All in all I am lucky this is all I got for my mistake. I don't like to admit when I feel terrible. The race took more out me than I gave it credit for and I certainly took my body for granted. Bill said this, "Your stubborn and tough as nails but your fragile too". I wasn't sure how I feel about that statement. :) Peterson Ridge 40M is in 2 weeks. I am MTBing the course the day before. I will certainly be much more diligent in my post session care. I have a feeling it will be a tough weekend but fun too.


  1. Great. Just what we all need. Ronda going out of her mind (due to concussion or other reasons). What's up with that? Are you, like, first time married...ergh, racing? (it was just a saying from us, silly Russians). You survive AZ 24 hr bike race, and fall in a bathroom? Get better now!

  2. Ouch ouch ouch! Careful there lady! Glad you're ok.

  3. Wow! That is scary, Ronda! Glad you are healing up now. I know what you mean, I can feel fine after a big race and be hobbled by an "easy" race - what the heck? Maybe, just like you said, it's because we don't take it seriously enough - it's still and ultra.

    Glad you are okay!

  4. Yeah when I heard you post this on FB I new the altitude at Park City plays a role. Us low land folks can have a rough go when we hit the mountains. You know this of course but with all you did prior to this that was the thing that put you over I bet. Sorry this had to happen, sucks for sure. Happy all is OK though.

  5. That looks like it hurt! Sounded like an ugly sight after the fall. Glad you are ok and doing better. Bill's right, and applies to all of us. Build phase looks like it's off to a bang! Enjoy the ride.