Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Crazy busy but all good stuff!

So many cool things have been happening around here. A good friend of ours Jim Rudig got hitched on Saturday, Alex turned into a teenager, I got to go to my favorite spot and did my first professional photo shoot. It's been a busy 5 days but all of it super cool.

First, our friend Jim and his bride Alisa had a lovely wedding at the beach. It's been so long since Bill and I were at a wedding and Alex has never been. After the ceremony Alex told us he would probably cry out of happiness at his wedding. That just about made both Bill and I cry because it was so sweet. I told him I would be sure to cry like a baby at his wedding. Since we were already at the beach we celebrated Alex's 13th birthday in the sand. We had a nice family affair and he is having friends over this weekend for the real celebration. He's pretty excited to be an official teen. I am not sure what that means but I am appropriately watchful wondering what these teen years are going to be like.

All the celebrations followed an awesome run up to Yokem Ridge on Friday with Trisha and Cheri. The temperatures have been so hot it was nice to be in the mountains. It was still crazy warm up there and we were drenched when we finished. We started at the Ramona Falls trail head and did an out and back. Ramona Falls itself is a great sight. Since the snow up there has just melted the wildflowers were everywhere and super fragrant. The biting flies were out in full force as well. I think both Trisha and Cheri got their first taste or should I say bite of the nasty bug. When we stopped to filter water they swarmed over and before we knew it we were covered, jumping and swatting while we tried to get water. The trail was in great shape with only a few blow downs which surprised me given the winter we had. The views were as usual amazing. As you make your way up the Yokem trail in the forest and wildflowers it just opens up and Mt. Hood it right in front of you. The sound of the glacier melt roars and suddenly you have forgotten the 3000 foot climb. The only problem is once you're there you don't want to leave! That was my first long run since Hardrock. I felt pretty good but still don't have the spring back in my quads for the downhills. Nothing that a couple of gorge hill repeats won't fix and fortunately for me I get to do them this weekend. I have 2 weeks of good training left. This week is a Build 2 then a Peak. After those are done it's taper time....wow time zooms by!

Yesterday I did my photo shoot for Lululemon. I will be their running ambassador and I am thrilled. It's just like all other sponsorships but it's clothing not shoes. Since I live in their stuff it's an honor to be asked. The photos that come out of the shoot will be used to create a life sized canvas that hangs in the Pearl District store and the others will show up in advertising, water bottles, bags and who knows where. I had to sign my life away saying they could do whatever they wanted with them. I have never done a photo shoot before and it was not easy. We spent 3 hours in Forest Park doing all sorts of stuff in a few different clothing items. I asked for lots of photo shop but they prefer the natural look..oh well it was my one shot at a tall skinny version of myself. I got a sample of a couple of shots and they weren't bad so I can't complain. It took a while for me to get the groove of running, looking up and smiling all at the same time. I am super pumped to be representing their run line since I think it's awesome, functional and mostly really really cute!


  1. Very cool stuff Ronda! You look adorable. You're the perfect spokeswoman.

    Such a sweet 13 yr old! the next few years may have some surprises though!

    Our visit to Portland was fun but unfortunately didn't include a visit to the Gorge. My bro-in-law lives near the Willamette River and we pretty much stuck around there, except for a short visit to the air and space museum (where the Spruce Goose lives!)- I think we drove through your town even. Beautiful area, but not forested trails either. We ran on the Trolley trail at least...

    Good luck with your training!


  2. Before you know it you'll be signing autographs!!

  3. My son is going on 14 and so far he has been great. I heard horror stories from my coworkers and their kids in the teenage years, but so far so good for mine. Like everything else in life, if you establish a good foundation then they will make good decisions when faced with tough obstacles.
    Congrats on the sponsor / spokeswoman - those are some nice pics.

  4. I asked for lots of photo shop but they prefer the natural look..oh well it was my one shot at a tall skinny version of myself.
    LOLOL awwww I guess we are all stuck with the natural look :-)

    Good shots Ronda- way to represent, u look great!

  5. Great photos!! Congrats on becoming one of their ambassadors!

    And I wouldn't worry too much about Alex and his teen years - he's got some awesome role models and is getting good exposure to life on the trail with you. Not many kids get that opportunity - he's on his way to turning into a super young man!

  6. Lululemon sponsorship AND being a mom to a 13-year-old... pretty sweet for an over-40 gal!! I am a mom to 17- and 15-year-old boys and my daughter is 12 going on 20. If you need any teen parenting advice, just ask ( I am also a school counselor!).

    We've seen it all (except no one has gotten arrested, thank God). Seriously, it's a wonderful, wonderful time of life for both the kids and the parents despite the mood swings, acne, and incessant texting.

    Congrats on the sponsorship---can't think of anyone who would be better!

    Happy training!