Monday, August 17, 2009

Bouncing Back

When I get sick I like to "bring it"! None of this stuffy nose, coughing or headache stuff. I get the full blown flu. Last weekend was supposed to be the end of a Peak week and the final runs before my taper for CCC100M. Instead the most movement I made was from my bed to the couch and back again. Friday after noon I went shopping with Susan at Lululemon and felt fine (BTW: we bought matching mid calf tights with gather ties on the bottom...tough looking with touch of girl with gather and ribbon). At about 5 pm I was so chilled I was putting on a hooded sweatshirt checking the thermostat. Then the body aches came and it was downhill from there. Fortunately Bill and Alex were well on their way around Mt. Hood so they were free from the ugly germ infested house.

On Sunday I drug myself into the shower which took what seemed like forever so I could drive to the trail head to pick up my men. I hadn't heard from them since Friday and they were expecting me to come running up to them that day. I knew Bill was going to be so worried. They arrived at Ramona Falls at noon. I could sense the worried look on Bill's face as he scanned the parking lot and we he saw me he almost teared up. I felt so bad for making him stressed on his final 3 hours of what was an epic journey but once he found me safe and sound and just sick all was good.

They had a fabulous 3 day trip on Hood. I am so proud of Alex. Hearing him talk about the adventure and all the stuff they had to do was really cool. Bill is incredibly patient and loving so their experience on such a tough journey for a 13 year old was nothing but good. They laughed about climbing to high on Elliot Glacier to make the crossing, Bill ripping his pants so bad he had to use tape to keep them up, their tent slanting so bad that Alex kept rolling onto Bill in the night and the list goes on and on. The pictures of their trip are here.

So I get a couple extra days of tapering. I suspect it will serve me well as I was on the edge and was probably over doing it anyway. I am looking forward to CCC100M and finishing out the year. I am already dreaming about next years adventures.


  1. I'm sure the rest will do you good. Looks like an awesome father-son trip!!!

  2. Ronda, the important part now is to fully recover. Rest will do you good:) Tear it up! Another girl besides Sam (whom I don't know) is Brie, pretty fast, not sure if it's her first 100 though. Go after it!

  3. Sorry about the sick thing. Nevertheless, better now and still have time to recover. A little extra taper just might prove to be your best race ever.
    Get some rest and don't stress - You are so strong.

  4. Wow,looks like a great trip! They had some serious climbs out there. Beautiful, I bet Alex will never forget that trip. Good luck at CCC, you will do awesome, I know. Rest up and then put it into "hammertime" speed. You know what to do...

  5. Thought you might have been overdoing it! At least you'll have this out of your system in time. I'm sure you've put in enough work and will do great!


  6. You know what? In my next life I'm going to try and pick parents like you and Bill. You guys are just awesome! Rest well. I'll be waiting for you at No Name Ridge.