Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rooster has been cooked!

I forgot that I wasn't super woman. I am toast, ca put, thrashed, tired, sore and oh yeah....grumpy. I think that list sort resembles something I read about over training but I am ignoring that. :) I had to skip my tempo run today. First missed workout besides Muir Beach for a very long time. I was so incredibly overwhelmed with stuff this week I had to stay home and check some important stuff off my list. The list is all stupid stuff and should have been done a long time ago but I put it off until things were going to explode. Speaking of exploding I felt somewhat like that this week. With 9, yes 9 weight work outs and all my runs it seemed I barely had time to do normal stuff like shower. How did I get myself into 9 weight workouts in a week? Well I can't even explain myself so I won't. Let's just say I love to workout with people and it seems I can't get enough. So, the 9 workouts in a week will be on my schedule for another 3 weeks then the load will lighten. You might be wondering if I am doing myself any good and I would answer, ummmmm....probably not. Isn't there a saying, "Do as I say not as I do"? I use that on Alex a lot. :) Since I love every single workout for it's own rewards it's hard to say which ones will go so for 3 more weeks I won't ask myself any questions.

How did I get myself so cooked? Hmmmm, it's hard to say, ha, ha, ha but the running a 100 miles in a week, doing 9 weight workouts in a week then right after that's all done I do a race. Then to top it off Bill had travel this week and Alex has a full schedule especially with all the missed school days prior to the holiday, a Christmas program, car needs service, a Christmas party and I am the room mom, blah, blah, blah...... It's all quite funny except for when I am cranky then the funny part is missing. So......a day off and lots of things done, a bit of rest for my body and tomorrow will be a new day. Oh yeah, I did get a new menu from Mark because my calories weren't supporting all the activity and therefore it was time to make another bump up. On the bright side I am getting very strong. :)


  1. Rest days are good and required now and again.

    Now I am scared of how hard you will pound tomorrow morning :-)

  2. I'm sort of glad to see that you're human and get worn out like the rest of us. Only it takes 100+ miles, double weight workouts and not enough food to tire you out.

  3. What up cranky/grumpy pants :-) it's good to be cranky every once in a while it means we are somewhat normal :-)

    if we were always happy happy la la people would thing we were on something.

    Hope you had a good grumpy day and got your short list done and get back to ur funnesssssss

    Two moon huh -- whew heard its a tough one so ummm the nine workouts a week might be a good plan :-)

  4. All this...isn't it what you normally do? :) And don't tell me you are not made of steel!

  5. does this mean your a mortal? lol. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!! You'll be really strong! postive affirmations your way.

  6. The human cycle – in order to get stronger, one must struggle. Struggling sometimes means getting tired, worn down, stressed, and having to pushing past the “Wall” to discover new strengths and limits.
    Everybody has bad days – weeks – and even months. Your bad day might be seen as a good day from someone else’s view point. It’s difficult for me sometimes when having a bad moment, but then I stand back and tell myself how fortunate I am – Family, job, health.... You had a tough week Rooster. Don’t be so hard on yourself and enjoy the moment knowing you made progress in getting stronger. Celebrate with a large bowl of pasta and a glass of wine.

  7. I am smiling in sympathy :) We do get ourselves in a mess sometimes, don't we? I love to run with people, so whenever someone needs extra miles, I like to join them. Not always the smartest, but it sure makes the training fun.

    I actually think all of the school stuff is more exhausting than the training stuff - mostly because it requires me to be showered and dressed up :)

    Hope you get some rest and some cupcakes!

  8. Hey! At least you are enjoying yourself during the workouts :) 9 weight workouts; that is amazing! Thank goodness you are a great organizer of your can get it all in.

  9. I beg to differ....YOU ARE SUPER WOMAN!!! rrrRRROAR!!