Sunday, January 11, 2009

Peak training has started!

Next week the beginning of peak training starts. 6 weeks of some pretty solid running before a taper for Coyote 2 Moon. The peak training will include the longer back to back running so finally Micheal and Steve will stop wondering when I am going to get in shape for this 100.

I am still feeling a bit flat from my training breakdown last week. I am not nearly has tired and frantic but am keeping a close eye on my state of being to be sure I don't get myself in a pickle. Seems this is time of year when I get one of those nasty bugs that is generally flying around. Probably because it's somewhere around this time the training starts to get notched up for whatever I have on my calendar. So...this year I am going to really pay attention and try to ward off any bad stuff by stepping back if I need to. Now I would call that maturity....not one of my strong suits.

This weekend was our first official Black Saturday! I was the only one that couldn't find my shirt but I found black so I was good to go. We did the Powell Butte Zipper. Up and down the steep trails of Powell Butte. It's a small park in Gresham but is good training ground for a change of pace. The gorge is shut down for us. To much snow on those trails. The coast range is always snowy this time of year and we are getting very creative with this 28K of ascent 100 looming. I am actually enjoying the fear and lack of trail control. I am going to get flack for that comment I know but keep in mind this 100 is just for fun so there's no time goals. ;0 I sort of drug myself around Powell Butte yesterday chasing the boys. Today was a long run but we did killer repeats up and over Pittock. We did enough to beat us all up and get a very solid run with over 3K of climb. I actually felt more spring in my step today and when Steve gave me grief about sandbagging yesterday I told him I adapted over night, ha, ha, ha. Powell Butte got us just over 2400 so it was a good lead in to peak training.


  1. 6 weeks of hard training - Hope you stay healthy and strong.
    What works for you when it comes to the taper stage?

  2. Coyote 2 Moon sounds really fun. You seem to thrive on peak training so I'm sure it will all be great.

  3. Hey! I just saw where you were on the short list for Ultrarunner of the Year - How cool is that!!!!!! Huge congratulations! You deserve it!

  4. Nice on all of the hill training! Aren't hills just THE BEST!? I love them.

    Gina and I missed you by a day on the Wildwood; we ran from the zoo to Pittock and back on Monday. It was her first time on the WW.

    Up, up, up...!!!