Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Camp Day 5 - Scouting the Wildwood

We had boot camp this morning and since I missed about 3 meals yesterday I was pretty weak. Mark reminded me that the effects of not re-fueling your body are not a lean mean fighting machine but more of a weak whining baby. That's what I was today. I actually think I had a couple of high pitched tantrums when he made us leap over a bench that must be at least 14 inches high. I seriously didn't think I was going to clear it. Despite my weak showing we tried to look tough for the photo! This is my boot camp team. Lisa McCarthy, Darin Swanson and me. We have been having a good time getting our rears in shape together.

After BC Steve and I did 10 miles in Forest Park. It was a slow cold 10 miles but interesting. Why would a park we have run in for nearly 20 years now be interesting? Well the recent arctic blast has left it's mark. There is still a lot snow in the park but the stuff that is melting is making some serious Slurpee's but they are not sweet and they are not cherry flavored! These Slurpee's are cold and very sloppy and if you happened to slip, fall and get a taste it's more like icy dirt flavored. The poor Wildwood has taken a beating in this recent storm. We ran into 3 downed trees in our short 5 mile scouting session. One of the them is HUGE! I bet it was impressive when it fell. The root ball alone is about 12 feet high and the giant fir is very long. The squirrels are going to love this new home. Some pictures:

Given the state of the trail and the predicted weather for Wednesday. I have opted to do something else. It's going to be fun and I am hoping I will have company. I will hold off from revealing the evil plan for now. Let's just say I have gone loopy!


  1. That sounds mighty scary whatever it is.

  2. Ronda,
    You still think wildwood will be out of commission on New Years Eve for the Purge? I was planning on doing it but if you think it will still be a mess would you mind a post to let me know? Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the compliment on your last comment Danni! It was very sweet and I appreciate it.

    Hi Bret, the wildwood is definately doable. There will be snow on the far side and some good ice rivers that won't be ablt to be avoided. Bring extra socks. As for parking at Newberry the last I heard it wasn't good with the snow drifts but that was a couple of days ago. I would say it will be slippery in some spots with snow/ice underneath and slush so maybe some screwed shoes would be adviced for extra traction.