Monday, June 4, 2012

I get what I deserve!

SD100M is in 6 days! Somehow that came fast. I don't feel ready what's so ever. In fact, this feels like the least ready I've been to line up to 100 race is a long time. I got in some amazing runs leading into Mac Forest 50K but the aftermath hasn't been great. This is the first week I am not blowing or coughing fluids since that nasty virus turned sinus infection thing.  That was awful.  My ankle had 2 tears, one bad one and one minor one on the top of my foot. I can now see all the bones and veins in my feet so the swelling is gone. It's not super weak but I will need to tape if SD for sure. I have been taping it for every workout including ones on the bike. I can't seem to teach myself to clip out FIRST on my left foot.  I am lucky to get out of those clips in time anyway!

My running volume has been low the last 3-4 weeks.  Much lower than I would have liked. SD100M will happen but grabbing the sub 24 hour buckle and continuing my long streak of big buckle collecting might come to an end. If I can't get it...well, I deserve it. I stacked my year so tight with running and MTB races I can't expect to lay down great consistent training. I am not at all disappointed though. I have spent a bulk of my running years sticking to strict well thought out plans and loved it. This year I have sort of let go of that because I am having so much damn fun! I love chasing the clock and seeing how well I can do so I will come back to that. For now, I am enjoying mixing things up and trying some new events.

Even though I have sort of been laid up I haven't been idle.  I've been doing what I can with regards to runs and  killing myself on the MTB.  Trying to do good threshold work on the bike building more power since I lack there. With the exception of one decent Gorge run I have been forced onto roads or Lief since the ankle injury.  I knew I couldn't risk another good twist and would gain very little pushing more limits.  I have done some good solid efforts at the track. Trying to do my best as I coughed up crap and felt the massive tug in my system. Any of my other longer runs in this last bit were done on Lief, progression style.  Trying to make the most of it.  One of the runs was so horrible it really zapped my confidence. I just had to let things slide.  I am going to try to and draw on the great Gorge training I did before Mac Forest.  That will need to be my foundation for SD100M

On the MTB front I have done some awesome rides.  Lots of relentless hill climbing chasing my rabbit friend Kristin.  She is a great training partner! That girl can ride a MTB.  She took 2nd overall in Cat 2 at Sister's Stampede in her first MTB race, first in her age group. Bill, Alex, Ryan and I ventured to Sisters for the Stampede too.  Yes, Bill is back on the bike and this was his first ride.  He decided to take the short course not knowing how his shoulder would hold up.  It's still very sore and lacks a lot of strength and mobility.  We all tore it up and had a blast!  I got a 32 min. PR over last year and I was thrilled.  Moving up in the pack.  They have a 45+ div for men but not for woman.  If they had I would have done very well!

We leave on Friday for SD100M.  Micheal and Todd are crewing and pacing so I will have to muster up a good strong attitude!  The following weekend I am going to ride TOE 50M.  Not sure what I am thinking but what the heck. It will be a super fun time but I am not promising I won't finish last.  Short Track racing starts tonight and the Portland Trail Series races tomorrow night!  Lots of great fun stuff on the horizon but for now I need to run 100M. eek.


  1. Ronda, you're living your life to its fullest, and there is no regrets on it to be had! Besides, unlike you, I am confident you can crack sub-24. You're a prowess to beware of, and as long as the ankle is behaving, nothing will stop you from reaching that goal. Say hi to everybody, it's a great race! Especially Scotty Mills!

  2. Good luck at SD! I am in agreement with Olga, I bet you can crack a sub 24. Hopefully that ankle will behave. Sometimes when you let your hair down and follow your desires, not adhering to a set schedule, we perform better because it comes from our hearts more purely. I'll be thinking of you this coming weekend...go get it!

  3. I hope the ankle stays strong. Sub 24 - Great, Just enjoy the moment and give all you have. Look forward to the report.

  4. How was SD???

    By the way those are some sick cycling kits you guys are wearing!!! Hope it all went well in SD.