Monday, June 7, 2010

No Regrets!

Bighorn training is complete. I can't believe it's over. I am thrilled with how it all went and I am ready. With only 11 days before we line up this will be a very short taper. This is how my schedule was originally planned and I think it's going to be the perfect amount. After my last post when I claimed to be very tired I jinxed myself. Bill got the flu and within 3 days I had too. Fortunately it was fast and furious. I missed one short run and instead laid in a shivery fever ball on the couch. By Friday I was running again. I remember getting the flu before a race several years ago and someone told me the antibodies I develop to fight off the flu will make me stronger. I went with that thought this time. :) From now until the race I will maintain some quality in my runs in order to keep my body guessing. Mostly I want to prevent if from heading into a deep slumber! As I mentioned in my last post this is the only training plan in which I have stuck with 4 week cycles all they way to the end. I definitely noticed two diferences. First, the Tuesday 2 hour tempo trail run after the Build 2 weekends work was hard. My legs didn't feel ready to rip around single track. It would take me longer to get all the blood moving in a synergistic fashion. My pace stayed strong but the effort seemed harder. Second, the third week of hill repeats were a challenge both mentally and physically. They were mentally challenging because I was well aware of what they require. It seemed like my cardio was ready and willing but my legs were protesting the long climb at hill repeat pace. The first repeat was always harder. The second seemed better but my eyes would start to roll in my head. The third was just necessary work. I am not sure if keeping this 4 week cycle is beneficial, if pushing through that discomfort will make me better prepared for what I know will come in a 100M run. I will let you know mid June. :)

It's been raining for over a month here in Portland. I generally don't get the weather blues but these grey cold wet days have gotten to me. I am ready to see some sun! For my final weekend of training we were treated to rare but needed sun sighting. On Saturday the skies were amazingly blue and the sun was so warm. However, that quickly ended leaving my final run on Sunday a total soaker. It was so rainy and cold. Six hours was about all I could take! I literally rung out my clothes while running. My shirt was so heavy from water it started to turn into a dress! My gloves were absolutely useless and the stream crossing were right down sketchy. One slip and you were part of a waterfall. Rain, mud, water and cold was nothing short of pure character building. Best of all, Micheal and I laughed at the absurdity of what we were doing. Running along the Benson Plateau in a cloud!

Of all the 100M races I have trained for I have to say this has been the best on many levels. It's been fun to share the training with Micheal, Cheri, Carrie, Amy, Susan and all the others I got the opportunity to hang out with. The Oregon contingent heading to Bighorn is going to be fun to watch. Everyone seems ready and excited to tackle those mountains. With the out and back venue there will be lots of motivation and encouragement. I set some goals early in the season
and kept those forefront in my mind. I wanted to have a mentally positive season free of any negative yuk and that has very much happened leaving feeling upbeat on confident. I wanted to the second day run of my back to back to be strong. All the second days have been more than I could ask for. I really dug into my psyche to push myself physically on that day. With the help of Micheal I was able to see faster and stronger runs. I am very appreciative of all the help. When I wrote down my goals and talked them over with Bill he said he had no doubt I would make all of it happen. Today I found a note he left for me this morning. I will keep much of it to myself but he wrote, "I have never met anyone who lives their truth and asks so much of themselves yet
wakes up and goes to bed with bright eyes and a deep smile. I admire and adore your enthusiasm and bravery. I know you have worked hard though none of us would ever see it in your face or feel it in our day because your strength is seemingly endless....." That was the sweetest and the best note ever! In the wee hours of Bighorn I will have to remember this because I am pretty certain I might not be smiling and have seemingly endless energy. :)

Now I am just hoping they don't call for the Alternate Snow Route. It appears there is still snow at Porcupine Pass and I have no idea at what point they will make the final call but as it stands today there in no news on changing the route. I've run the Alternate Route and am very much looking forward to the normal course.


  1. Those husbands, dang, they say things that bring tears, yet push us more than anything else, huh? Ronda, with that saying, Bill is absolutely right. Whether or not you will have smiles at times at Bighorn is not as essential as a huge smile crossing the finish line with the goal that you wanted done and over big time! I will be thinking of you, this weekend and next, and I will be pulling energy from all of it, what I know you will too. Lets knock it out!

  2. Congrats Rooster on all the hard training with the 4 week cycle. Like you said - if you don’t try something new, don’t expect different results. With your new training plan complete, you might find you need to up your goals. Hope your taper goes well, stay healthy, and can’t wait to see what you do to this course. Sending positive vibs your way, and a bit of sunshine (without the GA heat & humidity), with hopes you exceed all your goals.
    What a great note by Bill! Words to repeat in your head the last 20 miles.

  3. Interesting about the snow route thing. I hope that's not necessary! I'm stoked to see you kill this race!

  4. Just like the title of your blog you have been relentless...moving and racing with determination and consistency...Now it's time to reap the dividends.

    I emailed the RD a few weeks back asking about the snow and the course, etc. and she said that they will make a decision approximately one week out from race day...which will probably be by the end of this week. According to what I've been researching a lot of the snow will melt in the next week with warmer weather and rain...but we'll still be hitting some snow on the course. My prediction is they won't have to use the alternate course. Either way...we're gonna tear it up :o) ! ! ! ! ! See ya soon :o)

  5. Bighorn is going to be incredible. Thanks for the pushes this "whole" training!! ~ You really are inspiring. Thanks for sharing the wealth!

  6. Sorry I didn't get to join you on Sunday, but I'd love to join you on one of your tuning runs before Bighorn--keep me posted. You're so ready and are going to have an awesome Bighorn. Oregon will represent!!

  7. Great post! Those hubbies can be pretty amazing, and they seem to sense when those guestures are needed. You've trained hard and this weather hasn't made it mentally easy for you to do so this time around! Good on ya girl! Taper up and go have fun now at Bighorn. :)

  8. Wow, congrats on finishing your training! I've really enjoyed keeping up with your progress; simply amazing. I hope your taper is delightful and doesn't drive you batty!! Good luck at Bighorn!

  9. Ronda,

    It has been fun following your training here and on FB. I am running a 40-miler in WV the same day as Bighorn so it has been motivating being on the "same" schedule though obviously not doing half the work you did!

    So sweet to read what your hubby know we need that unconditional love and support when we are in a low moment in the middle of the night wondering why we aren't at home with the family instead! Make sure you keep that note somewhere in your pack for reassurance :-)

    A bunch of the VHTRC gang will be at Bighorn (although not as many as in years past). I was running with a few in my most recent FB pics. Look out for Dave Yeakel and Marti Kovener in the 100 m and Jill Quivey in the 50K. I am sure someone will be wearing their VHTRC shirt and would be THRILLED to have the women's race WINNER say hello to them ! Yes M'am!!

    Have a great adventure and enjoy the taper---you have worked really hard and deserve it!

  10. Thanks everyone. I sure appreciate the vote of confidence. It's going to be a good race for me. I just know I am ready and super excited to take on the day.

  11. Good luck with the race. I know you are super well prepared and will do well.