Wednesday, February 3, 2010

High Efficiency!

Tapering is leaving in a "High Efficiency" mode. Seems I get this feeling every now and then during a recovery week but the taper is giving me a max mode of efficiency. There is something truly satisfying about checking things off my list. I have lots of energy to buzz around right now. I think my family prefers me a bit more tired. I really love the feeling of becoming restored and strong. This has been a learned behavior. Tapering was never my strong suit but I think it has more to do with overtraining. I am banking on this sweet taper to help me pull of a PR on Sunday.

Cheri and I are super prepared for Surf City Marathon. This has been a great training session. Starting with base building in mid October was the perfect amount of time to remind my body how to run on flat roads. It's been really fun sharing workouts with a bunch of girls. Cheri, Trisha, Susan, Carrie, Kris, Lisa and Sarah have all been a pleasure to push through pain with. Thanks for all the camaraderie!

My plan for Sunday is to run a 3:20 or a 7:38 pace. I think this will be a stretch goal. Originally I thought I would take advantage of a pace group. I have never run in a pace group before and thought their knowledge and consistency would help me stay evenly paced. I tend to go out to fast rather than to slow so a pace group would be my solution to a good start. However, there is no pace group for 3:20! They have lots but the fastest is 3:10 then the next group is 3:30. Certainly the 3:10 is not going to work so I am left to my own wrist band.

Though I am anxious to run the race I am even more anxious to get training again. My first 2010 ultra will be Chuckanut Mountain 50K. Cheri, Gary and Carrie are all heading up to WA for the race so that means some more fun training time. After Surf City I am taking a week break then starting up again on 2/15. I have got a few other races on my schedule before Bighorn 100M. McDonald Forest 50K for sure. I am also planning on either Diablo 50M or Leona Divide 50M both in April. I can't decide which one I should do. I have done Leona before and loved it. The course is new this year so it would be fun to go back. I have always wanted to do Diablo so that might be a good adventure.

This weekend is the lottery for Wasatch 100M! I hope I get in but already have a back up plan if I don't. Micheal is signed up for Leadville! That means pacing duty for me. Sheesh....more thin air.


  1. I am super-stocked for you pushing for a high goal! Just the way you always do it:) Have a blast!

  2. Better sign up for Leona Divide since Diablo 50m was canceled due to park budget cuts. Leona is a fun race for sure (I remember seeing you out there)!

    Hope you get in to Wasatch! Good luck this weekend!

  3. 3:20? Are you kidding me? It will be a breeze! I am thinking 3:17:58

    So only Leona divide? How is that? I need a couple more 50m's this year.

    You two have fun!

  4. Best of luck meeting your goals. I know you'll have fun and do great!


  5. Ronda- You and Cheri will be in my thoughts on RACE DAY! I think you're better off keeping your own splits. ...NO ONE keeps pace splits like you do. ;)

    I'm anxious to start training after the bike race too! Peterson Ridge Rumble will be just around the corner for the D-doe and I. :)

  6. You are going to do great. You always find a way.
    Send some of that speed to TX while I run the RR-100 this weekend.

  7. Best of Luck at the marathon! Maybe I'll see you at Leona.....
    Have fun on the pavement and recovering after the big day!

  8. Great run this morning Ronda! Impressive - again. Hope you had fun while doing it.

  9. I saw the results, looked you totally nailed it! Looking forward to the report