Monday, February 2, 2009

Lucky #13!

I am lucky number 13 on the Hardrock waiting list. I am told to simply plan on running since in the past at least the top 15 get in. 13 is pretty close to 15 but I am not complaining. Micheal got in along with Olga and Bushwhacker. Steve is #50 on the list but still plans on showing up for some Hardrock fun and maybe get a bid last minute. Either way I will be at Hardrock if not running then supporting so Colorado here we come. I am going to train like I am in and if not then I will be in great shape for Bighorn. This is going to be really fun especially since my training buddies are planning on running so that means some serious training sessions.

Last Sunday's half was the end of another training cycle so last week was recovery. I still had a good M-Pace run on Tuesday that went well but the rest of the week was just okay. My T-Pace on Thursday was hard and I couldn't make my pace of 7:17 on one of the miles. My legs were super tired. I did the T-Pace run at my favorite Fitness Trail. :) That is what it is called, "Fitness Trail". That cracks me up. The killer squirrels were out in force but that didn't help me run any faster. Steve kicked my sorry butt and that helped me get a couple of good times. That guy can simply run fast if he wants to!

We headed up to Hamilton on Friday for 2X30 minute hill repeats. Steve set the record of under 27 minutes to the summit from the trail junction. Micheal was right on his heels but Steve was first. That's the time to beat and I am going after it on Friday when I do repeats again. Sunday we did a great 3 hour run in Forest Park. I actually felt better on Sunday than Saturday. For whatever reason I was darn wiped out last week with most of my training. Even my lifting was fatiguing. I hope to have a bounce back for this week.

Not much longer before we head to Coyote. We got our start times and Micheal and I got in the last start slot for the 100M. We are lining up with some fast folks and only have 28 hours to find the finish line. I thinks that's going to be a big push. Since I haven't put the kind of training in I would for a serious hard effort I am nervous. After conversations with Scott about how to approach Coyote I decided to scale back on training compared to other events. Why? To save myself for later. I know how gruelling the big Black Saturday's and long Sunday's can be and I don't want to burn myself out this early. With this late start group I don't know how well that plan is going to work, yikes! Whatever the outcome Micheal and I are getting a lot of laughs from it. Frankly I am planning on peaking for bowling night. I have been practicing my slide.......

Congrats to Darin for breaking 3 hours at Surf City Marathon! Read about it on his blog here. Also check out Trisha and Darins new Sign up to race a fast one.


  1. Yes Ronda I saw that and this is smart!
    "I am going to train like I am in and if not then I will be in great shape for Bighorn."

    Congrats :-)

  2. Ronda, you are so-o IN! No doubts. Historically, at least 25 get in. And so, are you planning on coming to Bighorn anyway, or keeping it "just in case replacement" thing? As for Coytee 28 hrs - sure, I have faight in you, and remember, I am rarely wrong. Besides, you can't be slow, you'll risk DNFing, and you can't do that!!!

  3. Congrats on Hardrock - Can't wait to see what you do with this one.
    C2M is in the bag. You trained hard and put the time in, now enjoy the moment and do what you do best.