Monday, September 15, 2008

Operation Go Figure - Week 1

Well I haven't chewed my arm off yet. If the truth be known I have been waiting to cut my calories down from the large base I was eating while training. I found it hard to get in all the food and missed meals often leaving me holding my fat and losing lean muscle or at least that's what the measurements would say. This base of 1,802 is perfect but I have a feeling that comfort is not the name of the game here. I suspect if I reach any kind of plateau in the fat loss department it will mean cutting my calories.

I was measured last Friday and lost 1.65 pounds of body fat but also lost a micro spec of muscle. Mark felt the muscle loss was so small there was no need to make any adjustments. He also said that losing any more fat in one week would not be good. So, thankfully I am still on the same caloric intake and feel fine.

The workouts are harder than I thought. As my body adapts to the long power stride on the incline treadmill I am having to up the incline or speed it up. Funny thing is it's much like our training meaning our bodies adapt so quickly. My butt was sore from all the long stride walking. I am so used to being extremely efficient on our type of long climbs this stride felt awkward at first. In addition, I was tight in the hip area...I think most long distance runners probably are so opening up the joint took a few days. The weight training kicked my butt. Not because it was harder than my normal workouts but because I haven't been doing my normal workouts for nearly a month. I was pretty much sore all over!

Just like any new endeavor learning is rapid. I have been listening like crazy. My brain is on overload and it's a whole new world. As with any sport there's learning the lingo and dialing in what the "ones in the know" are trying to tell you. The figure world has it's own groove. As much as this is funny, bizarre and out of my comfort zone it's also difficult.

For me, the food is no problem. I have been eating clean for about a year now so I am fine with measuring my food, eating only whole food and cutting sugar. That is no problem. If or when my calories start to shrink I assume I will struggle but for now this part is easy. The workouts are also no big deal and pale in comparison to what we all have to do to line up to a mountain race. I have time on my hands it seems, I am much less tired and feel like I have energy to burn. I do miss the trails and I have had to control my appetite to hit the dirt. I need to do some shoe testing for the new NB trail shoes so I need to discuss how I can fit that in with Mark. I am hoping if I keep it to a low roar he will say a couple of days a week will work. If not, I will think of something. However physically easy these workouts are they are a little mentally challenging. For someone who loves to push the limits of their fitness....this is not going to cut it! Right now I am finding this to be a great way to end the season and mellow out, let my body heal and mostly let my knee get back to 100%. But, other than that.....being indoors working out every day is not for me.

The hard part of "Operation Go Figure" was getting that darn posing suit. Believe it or not these things are not easy to find and fit. I was lucky enough to find an ex pro in Salem who is deep in the business from all aspects and makes the suits. I met with her and she was a gold mine of information and she had 2 suits that fit me pretty well. She is taking them in and adding the embellishments. That meeting was an eye opener. Those suits are very uncomfortable, itchy and scratchy. I don't like them but that's the attire. She gave me a ton of good advice and my brain was on overload absorbing everything she said. She was absolutely stunning and I can see why she did so well. The best piece of advice she gave me was, "Whatever you bring to that stage that day you better own it and sell it". OKIE DOKIE.....

The other part that is sooooo much harder than I would have imagined is the posing. There are 4 mandatory poses for N.P.C. standards and though those girls make it look easy and it's not. The process of getting your body in the pose gracefully, contracting every muscle, holding it for a enough time to make your body quiver while appearing relaxed at the same time, smiling and breathing through your teeth is hard! Apparently this is MOST important part. Assuming you bring a very toned symmetrical body with you. I am working on this. I have to practice 3 times a day for about 15 minutes each. I suck right now! So.....there is only way to go, up. I surely can't get any worse. I am not graceful and I can't move in those shoes very well.

After one week I can already see the changes in my body. It's pretty crazy actually. I am extremely curious to see this through. I am the leanest I have ever been in my life right now and if I could stay just as I am I think it's a good "walking around body". I am light years away from where I need to be and I have 4 weeks left. So it continues, wake up, walk, eat, eat, lift, walk, eat ..............


  1. growing, learning, changing right?...keep up the good work R. Why no pictures of the suit????

  2. I'm with Kristine - why no pics?? You are such an inspiration in everything you do! I love that you accept what you gotta do even though you don't necessarily like it. I look forward to reading more of your posts about this new journey!

  3. Fascinating!!! I'm increasingly certain that I could never do what you're describing but I'm so excited for you. I love how you take on new random things full-force and do awesome -- this will be no different I'm sure.

  4. Nothing like a good challenge, and a stage w/swimsuit, to be motivated. You are already a very strong runner. Will this new level of fitness, and balancing of nutrition, make you stronger yet? Good luck with the event and don’t forget to have fun with it.