Thursday, July 24, 2008

I am going!

I went for test drive today. I ran 9 miles on trail with some hills and though it wasn't perfect I was able to do it. My knee has rose to the surface and is no longer under water, yeah! I saw Dr. Tollenaar (kick butt ultrarunner and tri-athlete who just happens to be a chiropractor about 2 miles from my house) today and he confirmed what others have suggested. The mountain biking has been putting a lot of addition stress on my quads especially with no clips. He said I am only using my quads and not other muscles like my hamstrings and glutes to power the bike. With clips I would be able to call on those muscles and not just my quads. This had left my medial and lateral quads all balled up near the attachment to my knee which forced my patella to ride high. He was able to release those quads and get the patella tracking as it should but man oh man that wasn't fun. Although I am repaired or adapted, ha, ha, I am still not perfect.

Soooo, WR50M won't be pretty but it will be pretty. :) I won't have a great performance and will hopefully finish before 10:30-10:45 but I will get to see lovely Mt. Rainier and all the flowers. I might need to take some walk breaks on the screaming 20 miles of downhills to preserve myself, we'll see. Dr. T believes I won't cause any major problems but might develop a bad habit or two but I can cure those quickly. I am looking forward to a fun weekend! Just maybe by the time I am finished with the race my knee will have fully adapted....... :)


  1. Have a great race this weekend... be smart, we are down to 37 days for GTR :-)

    Did you see this yet? I love it, you have to watch the entire video -volume's a well done intense clip.

    This will get you fired up for the weekend, MAYBE you shouldn't watch it --lol

  2. Yahoo!! I should be at the Buck Creek AS at the 410 crossing with Devon and Linda (look for the pink knee socks) or at Fawn Ridge - I'll look for you! Should be decent running weather- not too hot!

  3. Good luck for the race and invest in some clipless pedals and shoes...they're money well spent!

  4. Do you know Karl put bets on you? :) Go tear it up!